Why Should I Become An Entrepreneur?

    Stories of huge successes spread through various startup communities like wild fire. Being an entrepreneur is truly glamorized and awesome. Let’s know why!

    We all love the positivity in building awesome products and services however; occasionally it seems over-exaggerated. Generally, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. And in most of the cases, you work more than anyone you know; plus, you work for free unless you start making or raising money.

    The ups and downs for any startup are like an intense rollercoaster. The chances of success are quite less and time consuming; with an average failure rate of 90% entrepreneurial efforts.

    So, with that ratio, why the hell would anyone become an entrepreneur? The answer is very subjective however; I would like to share some specific reasons that I have noticed being an entrepreneur myself.


    be your own bossIf you love working for someone else and have a pretty boring job, I request you to please stop reading this post any further. However; if you want to get rid of all “those” people, we can possibly do some sincere talk here.

    There is an old saying, “You only live once!” and it is high time when we must think of making an impact in the world. Yes, you can also do this while working for or with some other person; yet some of us desire for control over our destiny.

    Such people are motivated every day to do things and push themselves far beyond conservative thoughts. Honestly, this is what helps them gets things done and really moves the needle.


    Persistence Pays OffOnce again I would like to inform; if you are planning to start a business just to make quick money, you are in a totally wrong place. Well, you could have a better opportunity waiting for you in Vegas Casinos.

    The most common characteristic in ambitious entrepreneurs is their non-ending passion that helps them get through all those horrible sleepless nights when they are not making any money.

    You must have the will to achieve what you truly believe in. To turn your idea into an actual business, you need to have enough determination for yourself, and to develop an efficient team without which you can’t succeed.

    If you have the right amount of passion and persistence within you; you will be able to inspire others to believe in you and your mission, which is more important than your business in the early stages.


    Make Today Ridiculously AmazingIf you have spent some time in the startup world; you must have heard the common saying, “Yesterday was the best day of my life, and today is the worst.”

    Irrespective of the pains you experience throughout the ride; startup life is kind of exciting. You will feel with time, the soul of a gambler in yourself. And in my opinion, the most successful entrepreneurs are the biggest gamblers.

    You have to be willing to sit at the most expensive casino table on the planet and with all your money ready to wager; regardless of the outcome of the game. And if this feeling gets your heart pumping, you can surely make an entrepreneur.


    Life without a little bit of craziness is just a lil bit too boring for me – Priscilla Hart

    We were raised in a fashion where we went to study, became professionals, got married and planned for own house and kids. None of us jumped here and there with PPTS trying to raise funds unless we couldn’t make payroll.

    This is not foolish at all. We all have to be mad sometimes like most of the entrepreneurs. Then come the times when we do things that are exceptionally strange.

    To the normal non-entrepreneur world, we seem to be 100% stupid however; luckily, there are communities that support the ecosystem of these crazy people and as the saying goes, “In a room full of crazy people, we are sane.”

    Hopefully someday the whole world will realize and we will all build things together to make the world a better place.


    Time for ChangeMost entrepreneurs love to solve their problems themselves. They walk through a business or use a service sometimes and automatically start thinking of how they can make things better.

    They like to drive the process of doing something to resolve the issue if it has scale and they think they can make a change by solving it. In short; they do not fear change; rather embrace it by finding the most creative way through it.

    The more you can change something and make it better, the more opportunity you have; as simple as that!


    Working with FriendsMaking meaningful relationships is what drives us forward in a positive direction. Our business also plays a central role in this. I can say with experience, people who work to benefit only themselves, live an empty life.

    Money can’t buy you happiness however; money made from good business with amazing people brings pleasure in life. Look for confident people to work with, and create as much value as you can for your customers. This brings money to your business and keeps you satisfied dealing with great people.

    The Bottom Line:

    For some of us, our business is our life, and we love it. Being an entrepreneur defines who you are. Operate your business just like you operate most things in life. You will surely not have all the answers; yet you will have fun while trying to figure out those answers and make money as well.

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