What is Google AdSense (And Why Should You Care)

How AdSense Works

Simply put, Google AdSense lets you make money by showing ads next to your online content. When someone clicks an ad, you make money.

AdSense is a great way to make money with your online content.

If your website delivers valuable content and receives plenty of traffic every day, you should try AdSense.

It is free and easy to set up. Plus, it does not require rigorous maintenance. You will be paying nothing and earning a lot of money with AdSense by displaying targeted ads.

How AdSense Works

You display ads and get paid when people click these ads. Simple as that. Sometimes you get paid when people just view those ads but most of the times you earn money when people click these ads.

How to Put AdSense to Work

Using AdSense to earn money is simple. Just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Create an ad unit.
    Sign into your AdSense account and create a new ad unit. This is the area on a webpage where an ad is displayed. After that, set an ad type to determine what types of ads can display in that slot.
  2. Ads are displayed automatically.
    Advertisers keep bidding on Google for available ad units, and when your ad unit is selected by someone, an ad related to the content published on your website is displayed automatically.
  3. Get paid from Google.
    Google charges its advertisers for showing ads and you earn revenue for displaying ads from Google.

AdSense Ad Options

Google provides you the following three ways to make money.

  • Google AdSense for Content
    You can choose from a range of ad units containing text ads, image ads and text-and-image ads to display on a webpage. You can also choose to display link units, simple strips of text links. You can display up to three ad units and one link unit on a webpage.
  • Google AdSense for Search
    This puts a search box on your website. When someone conducts a search in this box, a search results page is displayed, containing more pay-per-click ads.
  • Google Referrals
    It is a special program where you earn commission by referring your site visitors to use different Google products. This is an excellent option for those who think they might not be successful at displaying ads.

Google AdSense Payments

The amount of money you could earn with AdSense depends on how valuable an ad is. Besides, Google does not disclose the amount of money that you are making from a particular ad. It simply tells you your earnings for a day, week, month and so on.

You do not start getting money from Google unless your earnings exceed $100. Disheartening? It shouldn’t be, despite the fact you can’t do anything about it.

Some people have tried unsuccessfully to fool Google by clicking their own ads. Google keeps a track of every click and there is no way you can fool the system.

Top AdSense Tips

Follow the tips listed below to use AdSense successfully.

  • Your website must have adequate traffic. If there is nobody to click your ads, how will you make money? High website traffic increases the click rates for your ads.
  • Use colours wisely to make your ads blend with the overall colour scheme of your website. People love to click ads that do not look like ads!
  • Experiment with different ad formats. Find out which ad format works well with your audience. Compare text and image ads. Use banners for the top and squares for the sides. Apart from link ads, 336×280 large rectangle ads, 160×600 skyscraper ads and 300×250 medium rectangle ads are some of the most popular formats.
  • Position your ads well. The placement of your ads is directly related to the number of ad clicks you receive. You should focus on getting the maximum clicks from your ads, so if required experiment with the placement of your ads to pick the perfect spot.
  • Do not use too many ads. When a user encounters nothing but ads on a webpage, they start looking for reasons to leave it. Just imagine landing on a webpage that is loaded with ads. How will you feel?

Ready to Try AdSense?

AdSense is a great program for earning money with Google. If your website receives adequate traffic, you should register for AdSense right away and start making money.


  1. Nice article with complete information about Google Adsense for new bloggers in blogging industry. Traffic is the only key to success in online business. If anyone dont have decent traffic to their blog or site then it is not possible to generate online income from any money making program, rather it is Adsense or any affiliate program. So I suggest to new bloggers, if they want to make money online then first make popular your blog among the people and then money will run behind you.


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