Video Content Marketing – A Rising Trend on Digital Marketing Platform

    Have you ever thought of the extreme power of visual communication? Well, the power of visual communication is endless!

    Visuals are processed 60,000X times faster than text! It is evident from our day to day life experiences. We always remember a movie scene better than a story read from a book. Videos have a deeper impact on our mind than the written communication.

    Video marketing is a boon for the new age marketers!

    Well, coming to the marketers, they constantly look out for new and innovative ways for grabbing the attention of the customers. There is no doubt that time to time they have succeeded in finding out the best and innovative solutions for the marketers. One of the most recent and powerful marketing communication strategies is video content marketing.

    With videos, you can easily communicate your brand story, build relationships with your prospects and customers and explain your value proposition more effectively. Statistics have shown that it is working well in the context f digital marketing today.

    Do you know that around 90 % of the mobile video consumers share videos with others and a video on your website’s landing page can increase conversion rate by 80%?

    Believe it or not! These numbers are going up and there is a big prediction that by 2018 79% of all internet traffic will be video based. A recent market survey by a research firm Demand Metric showed that 74% of B2B marketers opined that a video now converts better than another type of contents.

    Video now plays starring role in all the stages of marketing and Sales funnel

    Still many people think of video as a viral content on YouTube, flashy homepage videos, Video ads on Facebook and others which tell a brand story. But recently, video content marketing has seen a new shape and now a number of brands are using videos to build better relationships with their customers, educating customers and enhancing customer satisfaction from their brands.

    A number of companies today have seen their greatest success with the help of video marketing and have reported the importance of video content marketing in the following fields-

    • Customer testimonials
    • Explainer and tutorial videos
    • Product demonstration videos
    • Case Studies
    • Project Reviews
    • Event videos
    • Live webinars

    Thus we can see that video content can help companies to sell more and reach better revenues.

    Rising trend of video content on digital marketing

    Nothing beats a video when a best seller as a trusted advisor is needed for inspiring customers to think differently. Video content helps in educating buyers and helps to build an emotional connection with the brand.

    The video is the next best thing after an in-person visit and it proves to be a highly accessible and powerful weapon throughout the selling process. Today market can see a sharp rise of micro demo video libraries which boost the efficiencies and effectiveness of online products demonstration.

    Modern sales teams are encouraging representatives to create customised on demand product demos. These demos take place of Solution consultants to deliver live demos to every prospect. This not only reduces the number of hours spent in presentations by solution consultants but also improves efficiency and opportunity for the demo to be shared across the organisations.

    Thus by the end of 2016, we will see video content marketing as a common practice in more and more markets. The effect of video content on digital marketing has grown to a big level and there is a continuous rise.

    Through video content, you can personalise your messages!

    For a number of years, personalization has been a key trend in digital marketing. With the rise of personalization theory amongst the digital marketers, a new concept which has developed recently is customization of the actual video content with the unique information related to every customer intended.

    Imagine a video message which contains your own website images suggesting improvements with a new technology! Imagine your first name or your company’s first name woven in the video message! The new video content marketing strategy combined with personalization is going to rock the market and be sure this is going to generate anywhere from 200 to 1500 percent increase in conversions and click through rates!

    Endless applications of video content in digital marketing!

    The video is a great asset for engaging your audience. From educational to entertainment purposes, from product information to product demos, video content marketing has endless implementations.

    Video descriptions and on-screen annotations can be used to send viewers deeper to the advertised websites and can be more attracted to convert. Tools to connect socially, following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social interactions can be used religiously.

    Final Words:

    Thus videos bring a new life in the way of marketing your products. The effect of videos on the minds of prospects and customers is unmatched. What a person reads or listens is not so effective than what he watches through vision.

    Future of video content marketing is even more promising! The day is not far when the majority of the advertisements we see will have video content as the major influencing element in them!

    So, why should we overlook the power of

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