Using YouTube for Building Brand Awareness

    YouTube marketing campaigns provide remarkable results, and the success stories of Old Spice, Zappos, Dove and Lay’s prove it. Over 6 billion hours of video is watched every month on YouTube. Chances are your customers are watching YouTube videos. Amaze them today.

    YouTube has become the top source of video entertainment on the Web. Users are watching and sharing YouTube videos at an unbelievable speed.

    It is a great platform for uploading, sharing and viewing videos besides being an amazing platform for marketing.

    If you are looking for a powerful tool to engage with your audience, turn to YouTube.

    YouTube Stats

    In the last 9 years, YouTube has morphed into a popular and powerful network. The stats (as of October, 2014) listed below show what makes YouTube ideal for business marketing.

    • YouTube registers more than 1 billion unique visits each month
    • Over 6 billion hours of video is watched in a month
    • Every minute, approx. 100 hours of video is uploaded
    • Mobile users account for more than 1 billion views per day
    • According to Neilson, US adults (18-34) prefer YouTube over cable networks
    • About 80% of traffic is from outside the US

    Keys to Running a Successful YouTube Campaign

    A successful YouTube campaign will take your business marketing to a whole new level. Use the tips below to make the right move.

    • Create a YouTube channel if you have not done so already.
    • Share impressive, original video content that your audience would love to watch and share.
    • If you are an expert in your niche, create videos that provide authoritative information related to your niche because that will keep users engaged.
    • Create effective calls to action on your videos. Place them strategically at the beginning, middle or end of a video. Avoid scattering them throughout the video. It will only annoy your viewers.
    • Create appropriate thumbnails for your videos because the right thumbnails can attract a huge audience on YouTube. A thumbnail is the first thing that makes a user decide whether or not to watch a video.
    • Use appropriate titles for your videos.
    • Use your brand tone while commenting on other videos. Ensure that you make no grammatical mistakes and typos.
    • If you enable comments on your videos, don’t forget to moderate those comments. Spammy comments and trolls do not add value to your channel so remove them immediately.
    • YouTube channels are great for promotional video content. However, you must produce quality content or you may not achieve the desired level of engagement.
    • Keep your YouTube channel fresh by posting new video content on regular basis.
    • Share your YouTube videos on your social media profiles.
    • Use Audience retention report on YouTube to find out which parts of videos keep your users most engaged.
    • Do not measure your YouTube success simply by the site traffic received from your videos. YouTube videos are all about building branding and reputation through videos.

    Put on your director’s hat today!

    Regardless of how small or large your organisation is, YouTube can help you reach and engage your audience like no other. So create a YouTube channel today and start sharing amazing video content.

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