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Tyroo as the word suggest are the intiators of online advertising. Tyroo which was founded by Yahoo and Smile Interactive Technologies group is the largest online affiliate network for Indian market. Indian affiliate marketing traditionally was not open to leave Google AdSense and moving to a platform which even pays them better than the links. Tyroo has been the most successful brand in doing that and others are following the success story of Tyroo.

Tyroo for Advertiser

Tyroo being the largest online ad network for Indian affiliate market, can be a very good bet for their campaigns. They have strong presence in the online campaign delivering quality which is leading in timely manner. They help the advertiser to manage targeted campaign and helps to get volumes as well. Some of the key points why an advertiser should opt for Tyroo are mentioned below.

  • Best positions on websites to get maximum exposure
  • Help building your brand
  • Screening of Affiliates is done. Tyroo gives good attention on the approval of the affiliates to maintain the high quality of websites joining their network
  • Helps the advertiser to reach the right demographic place with the variety of publishers promoting through various ways of promotions
  • Good tracking system which helps the advertisers to select the right publisher who are giving the good ROI

Tyroo for Publishers

With Tyroo as they say sit relax and enjoy. With the use of the best technology Tyroo can identify which traffic will convert best on your site. As it is one of the leading adnetwork for Indian Publishers or affiliates, it has tie up with the best advertisers who does converting in a good manner. So if you have the traffic, Tyroo can make you good money.

Some of the key features offered by Tyroo are

  • Best Inventory:- If you are too bored of the inventory used by other network which is not appealing or does not give best conversion, Tyroo gives you that option to opt from a big list.
  • Timely payouts:- Tyroo has good reputation with the affiliate for its timely payments. The calculation is done monthly.
  • Offers:- Tyroo has tie ups with the leading and renowed advertisers.
  • Deals :- Offers good deals to the affiliate.

Offers Available

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost per lead ( CPL)
  • Cost per impression (CPM)
  • Per sale


  1. can I have tie ups with Tyroo Affiliate Programs without having a website.
    I wants to work in affiliate programs by other techniques(other than having a website)??
    plz reply…


  2. As what I know, they do not take a site with less than X number of transactions / hits a day… but you might want to still confirm that once 🙂

  3. Hello ! is tyroo good for a small website ? How is the earning? i want to try it but before that i want a honest suggestion from you. I have three small website and i place adsgedget ads, but in 1 week i have earned only 2 cent LOL. Is tyroo pay batter than adsgedget….or can you please suggest me another ads network for me, which is good for indian traffic.

    Thank You

  4. The best review covering both side of Tyroo…..for publisher as well as advertiser! I recently heard about Tyroo and was looking for some review. You did it better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. hello, tyroo is not a largest or biggest network in point of publishers view, they will use publishers for their monthly targets and needs, after completion of targets they not even give reply for publisher emails nor calls, sumit singh who is present account manager in tyroo before he worked for shoogloo network, was saying to all people not to work with shoogloo campaigns, all time tyroo is not a legit drinking publishers blood and their efforts

  6. Love this review of Tyroo.. Do you also do a comparison between the various affiliate programs? Specifically between flipkart, tyroo and amazon.in .

  7. Well thanks for this review, I have applied after reading your review but I am not getting reply from them almost a week has already passed. I am eager to work with them…

  8. Love review about tyroo. I want to ask, what is minimum requirement for Tyroo. Is Tyroo would be beneficial for less traffic website.

  9. Great post, i got rejected for Adsense account because of a silly mistake and now i am scared to give it another try, as Google bans people for spamming…with tyroo i can earn few bucks until i gain confidence for another go…

  10. Anybody promoting ebay with them? anybody got payment. i promoted their products and waiting for payment for the past 4 months. they not reply to my mails. Tyroo looks like a scam to me 🙁 . i wasted my by promote their products


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