Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2015

    It’s time to beat your competitors this year by focusing on the resulted oriented strategic trends that are her to stay for long. Though it doesn’t mean that investing on and every element is worthwhile, it is important to consider many of the same and incorporate only those that help your organization’s revenue chart.

    The trends listed below are those that have the impending strength to engender momentous impact on organizations in the coming years, and swathe three themes:

    • The important fusion of the real with the virtual world
    • The initiation of brainpower
    • The technological impact on the businesses


    Why following the trends is important?

    Why following the trendsThe upcoming technology will be integrating the real and virtual worlds. It will definitely revolutionalize the current business practice as it will focus on shifting it to a digital world. These top 10 strategic tech trends for 2015 are identified in such a way that organizations cannot afford to ignore in order to gain the competitive edge in their planning procedure and hence cannot be overlooked.

    Let’s turn towards these trends and know how these can be incorporated into our different strategies to make the most out of it.

    Trend #1: It’s all about Computing this year

    Everyday a new cell phone is being released by the manufacturers worldwide. As mobile market continues to grow, there is a greater stress on helping the requirements of the cell phone user in various perspectives rather than focusing on improving the technology of devices alone. It is also required to give more attention to make user friendly designs.

    • Wearable devices like smart watches, Google glasses are making their way into professional and individual lives
    • The devices today are element of long-drawn-out computing surroundings that includes such things as consumer electronics in the place of work

    Trend #2: Pull your socks for Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IOT) is a situation in which objects or people are provided with unique IDs and the facility to transmit data over a system without requiring any physical interaction.

    • The amalgamation of data flow and services created by digitizing the whole thing will turn into four central usage models i.e. manage, monetize, operate and extend
    • Organizations should not bind themselves to thinking that only the Internet of Things has the prospective to influence these four models.

    Trend #3: Organization’s 3-D Move

    3D printing technology has enormous potential and will reach to its maximum point over the next three years.  The market for moderately low-priced 3D printing devices persists to grow quickly and its use in the industry is intensifying considerably. Latest manufacturing, biomedical and customer based applications will demand 3D printing as it is a genuine, feasible and lucrative means to diminish costs.

    Trend #4: Rise in the need for Data Analysis and Security

    Today, the quantity of data created by embedded systems rises with massive structured and unstructured data and is evaluated; analytics associated with them will be crucial. Institutes should filter the enormous amounts of information coming from the internet and wearable devices, and then transfer precisely the accurate information to the precise person.

    Trend #5: Developed Systems will Rule 

    Omnipresent embedded intelligence combined with insidious analytics will force the growth of systems that are attentive to their environs and able to react suitably. Context-aware safety measures are a premature application of this new ability, but others will come into sight.

    By appreciating the background of a user demand, applications can not only alter their security reaction but also regulate how information is distributed to the consumer, which will simplify the emerging intricate computing world.

    Trend #6: The Era of Smart Machines

    The world is full of smart machines and to understand the context from different angles in depth analytics are applied.

    The base involves complex algorithms that let systems to value their environment, be trained for them, and act in parallel. Prototype independent vehicles and complex robots are already present and will advance fast, steering in a latest age of machine helpers. The stylish machine era will be the most disturbing in the IT field.

    Trend #7: Cloud Computing becomes Ace of 2015

    The junction of cloud and mobile computing will go on to endorse the development of centrally synchronized apps that can be transmitted to any machine. Cloud is the fresh approach of flexible, self-governing computing, which suits best for both internal and external applications.

    While set-up and bandwidth expenses might continue to support apps that use the aptitude and space of the client device successfully, dexterity and administration will be based in the cloud.

    • In the upcoming years, the spotlight for cloud and client will be on matching the required data and application status across numerous devices and concentrating on application portability across them
    • In future, applications will be developed such that they support simultaneous use of various devices.

    Trend #8: Need for developed Infrastructure and Software Applications 

    Swift programming of the whole thing from applications to fundamental infrastructure is necessary to facilitate associations to give the suppleness required to make the digital business grow.

    • Software-based networking, storage and security and data hubs are budding.
    • Cloud services can be configured through software by means of API calls in addition to applications
    • To deal with the hurriedly altering load of digital business rapidly, computing has to shift from fixed to dynamic models.

    Trend #9: Invest on Web-Scale IT sector

    Web-scale IT, to be specific, is an example of global-class computing that helps to loop in the capabilities of outsized cloud service providers within an enterprise IT setting.

    • The trend will push organizations across the globe to think, act and build applications and infrastructures such as those developed by Amazon, Google and Facebook
    • Since Web-scale IT set-up cannot go around in a day, it will evolve eventually as business platforms clinch to the innovative models

    Trend #10: Organizations to turn Risk Averse

    All road lanes to the bright digital future would rely heavily on security. But since the digital world is what we are dealing with, security cannot bring in hassles that stop the progress.

    • Organizations will progressively be able to identify that it is providing a hundred percent protected environment is not viable and so will initiate the process to bring-in more refined risk evaluation and alleviation tools
    • Talking about the technical aspect involved, recognition that boundary defense is derisory and applications need to take-in a more dynamic role concerning security will lead to a rise in a new comprehensive approach

    The top 10 strategic tech trends for 2015 is just an overview of the big story which is set to roll out this year, bringing in all the more scope for development and progress. Follow these trends, to an extent possible, and make the most out of the same.

    Good Luck!


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