Top Matrimonial Affiliate Programs in India

    Matrimonial websites are the next big thing. People use them, trust them, recommend them, and in short love them. You can make limitless profits by promoting these websites. Keep reading to find out how.

    Gone are the days when it used to take literally months to find a suitable match for your loved ones.

    People no longer visit marriage bureaus or hunt through matrimonial classified ads to find their life partner because matrimonial websites have made it much, much easier.

    Due to their simplicity and effectiveness, matrimonial websites are becoming popular with every passing minute. At the same time, these websites are trying to reach out to wider audiences by means of advertisements.

    If you can promote a matrimonial website, you can make an attractive sum of money in affiliate commissions. Take your pick from our collection of top matrimonial affiliate programs in India and start earning profits. Affiliate Program offers a unique affiliate program that lets you earn up to 100% commission!

    Here’s how it works. For each premium subscription acquired through your website, you earn 75% of the initial subscription price. If you can generate over 10 subscriptions in a month, you receive up to 100% of the initial subscription revenue for all subscriptions in that month and not just those over 10.

    All referrals are tracked with a 90-day credit option which means if your referral switches to a premium subscription within 90 days of joining, you get commission.

    The payments are made on monthly basis and there are no limits whatsoever on how much you can earn with this affiliate program. You can choose to receive payouts through local cheques, wire transfers or PayPal. works much like Google AdSense. Just select a banner ad and paste corresponding code into your webpage. The ads will automatically appear from You can display multiple ads on a single webpage.

    Besides that, you get access to real time reports that show you a clear picture of your progress. There’s a quick response team as well that is always there to provide the required support. is the world’s largest matrimonial website. Over the years it has earned many sought-after matrimony awards from prestigious organizations from India and abroad. People trust so promoting it will not be a tough cookie. There is potential in this affiliate program, so you should give it a try to make some money right away. Affiliate Program has a great affiliate program in store for you. You can earn well paid commissions by simply displaying banner ads, links, search widgets, RSS feeds, etc. on your website.

    For each referral who registers for a paid profile, you get up to 25% of the revenue share. This is applicable only on the first payment and not on subsequent renewals. You also get a fixed amount for a free profile provided that it is a high-quality free profile and not a not-so-good free profile. How a free profile is judged is known only to so no wild guesses here.

    The payments are made on monthly basis and there is no minimum commission limit. Referrals for the current month (from day 1 to 28) are validated the next month and the payments are released in the same month. is a network of 15 regional portals which makes it an outstanding matrimony service that is not hard to promote. Affiliate Program is a leading matrimonial website in India. It extends a simple affiliate program that provides an attractive sum of incentives. All you need to do is promote on your website.

    For a high-quality free profile that comes through your website, you receive Rs. 400. If a high-quality free profile converts to a premium profile, you get up to 15% revenue share. You do not earn any profits for a below-par free profile but if it converts to a premium profile, you get up to 10% revenue share. This commission is not applicable on renewals though.

    The payments are made on monthly basis and you get paid even if you have earned Rs. 100 as commission.

    You can choose to promote by displaying banners, text links, search widgets, RSS feeds and other well designed promotion methods. is not as old as other big players in the industry but it is attracting an impressive number of members every day. Promoting it will not be a climb uphill. Affiliate Program has rolled out a unique affiliate program that entitles you to earn up to 50% revenue share of each payment made by a member.

    Once your joining application is approved (which usually takes up to 24 hours), you receive an email with information about how to get started.

    Payments are made on monthly basis at the beginning of every month for the referrals of the previous month. You receive a cheque subject to a minimum earned commission of Rs. 500. If your earnings are less than Rs. 500, they are carried forward to the next month.

    With its affordable memberships, is all set to be the preferred matrimony service for people. Join its affiliate program today and start earning commissions for helping people find their matches made in heaven. Affiliate Program is a network of 20 regional portals with a member base that is growing with every passing day.

    You can earn a decent amount of money by promoting it on your website. For a high- or low-quality profile, you earn up to 25% of revenue share. What’s great about the program is that you are paid a fixed amount for a high-quality profile even if it’s free. Such a benefit is not applied to a low-quality profile though.

    For your earnings in the current month, you get paid next month, even for a commission as low as Rs. 500. is growing in popularity since people are looking for better matrimonial services online. Promoting it on your website is definitely a good idea.

    OK, now it’s Your Turn

    The matrimonial affiliate programs mentioned here are worth trying. If earning passive income is on your mind, pick one from our collection of top matrimonial affiliate programs in India. Thank you very much for reading!

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