Best Hosting Companies in India – 2019

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies in India

Are you looking for a web hosting company in India that offers plans to meet your explicit requirements? If yes is your answer then here’s what you have been looking for quite sometime now, your guide to top 5 best hosting companies in India 2019

Here you’ll be able to explore the hidden costs and service loopholes that you’ll have to be aware of together with options that you may opt to choose. Read on to find more.

# Hosting Provider Features Visit
#1 Bluehost Discount Code $3.95/mo
Free SSL & domain
Excellent 24/7/365 support
Visit Bluehost
#2 Godaddy Discount Code $ 1.00/mo
Free Domain
24/7/365 support
Visit Godaddy
#3 DreamHost Discount Code $2.95/mo
24/7 Expert Support
Free domain
Visit DreamHost
#4 iPage Hosting Discount Code $1.99/mo, 75% discount
FREE domain& SSL
30-day money back guarantee
Visit iPage
#5 1&1 IONOS Discount Code $1/mo
Free Domain
24/7/365 support
Visit 1&1 IONOS

What is the underlying problem faced by all?

While looking for web hosting companies in India, the common problem encountered by one and all is concerning which company to go for and what plan to stick with. So many options and loads of packages with eye-catching advertisements with harsh technical language add to the confusion.

Since the web hosting services in India has been an expensive side for past few years, the scenario is now changing with companies offering unlimited bandwidth and space along with annual technical assistance.

To chuck off the confusion to this problem, it is suggested that you read on reviews and customer feedbacks on one and many review sites and pen down top 5 best web hosting companies in India and then choose the one with maximum positive reviews. Make sure to opt for a package that suits your requirements well.

Which points to consider while choosing your service provider?

While choosing your web hosting service provider in India, make sure to cross check the following criterions:

  • Make sure to take the services directly from the Company; avoid resellers
  • Cross check plans onboard and questions the provider concerning optimum plans
  • Check payment options; prefer India currency payable through credit or debit card
  • Don’t forget to read customer feedbacks and reviews before the final decision

When and why choose Indian web hosting company?

This is one question that most of us ask, especially when we are set to launch our first website. Since Indian hosting counterparts and fast expanding, it has become essential to address the underlying question. The following points look over the aspects that you should consider while evaluating top web hosting companies in India 2019:

  • If your site is targeting India, then having your site hosted on Indian server will reduce latency time allowing people to load the site and other files quickly in comparison to foreign hosts.
  • Having your site hosted on Indian server, while targeting India, will give your SEO benefits as your site would rank better when hosted locally
  • While operating the website from India, you’ll be in a better position to quickly access your Cpanel, emails, etc. when hosting the site on Indian servers
  • If you’re operating or targeting Indian customers, choose to host your site on Indian server for quick assistance in local language via toll-free numbers and a bridge technical communication gap

In the End

Choosing a web host for your company may seem to be a daunting task, but with various review platforms and social media customer feedbacks, the task has become somewhat easy. Keep the above points in mind while assessing the hosting companies, and you are sure to chuck off the frauds and enjoy first-rate hosting services.


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