Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media Effectively

    Social media is all about building and engaging a community. Yes, it is a perfect platform for rolling out promotional updates but that should not be the first and only thing on your agenda.

    Effective social media marketing demands that you do not rush towards closing a sale.

    Focus on building relationships with your audience. Keep them delighted and they will start loving your brand.

    Here are top 10 tips to help you use social media effectively.

    #1 – Do not participate in social media for the sake of it.

    Creating a social media profile just because everybody else is doing so is not recommended.

    The biggest disadvantage of doing social media marketing is that it takes time, a lot of time to be honest.

    If you want instant results, PPC may be the right choice for you. But if you are ready for the blood, sweat and guts, carry on.

    #2 – Know your target audience.

    This is very important because if you do not know your audience, you will face difficulties while interacting with them.

    Knowing your audience is not limited to finding customer demographics alone. You must also find out what works with them.

    #3 – Focus on building relationships with your audience.

    You cannot foster an engaged community without building good relationship with your audience.

    Do not take them for granted. Your community members can always leave you and join a competitor’s community at their will.

    #4 – Always be there for your audience.

    Stay active on your social profiles. Listen to your audience and interact with them. Do it often as it instils trust in your audience.

    #5 – Share meaningful, valuable content.

    Worthless content will get you worthless results.

    Your content must bring potential customers closer to you in an inviting way.

    Share what works for your audience. Provide your audience with amusement. Present tips and tricks. Tell them more about yourself for an emotional connection. Give them a solid piece of advice that they will love reading again and again.

    To know more about planning, creating, publishing and maintain your content, read our guide Content Strategy for the Absolute Beginners.

    #6 – Integrate your campaigns across all of your social profiles.

    If you have profiles on multiple social networks, use similar visual elements on each profile in order to stay consistent at delivering your message.

    #7 – Take good care of your community.

    Your community is your biggest asset. It consists of visitors, prospects, customers and repeat buyers.

    Focus on your audience and you will be successful. Your community is loyal to you, but at the same time they ask more from you. Before you make a business decision, get a clear idea of how it affects your community.

    #8 – Respond quickly to people’s queries and concerns.

    When people connect with a brand on social media, getting quick responses is one of the major reasons why they do so.

    You must be ready to respond quickly to people’s queries and concerns. If you won’t do it, your competitors will.

    #9 – Sell something your audience wants.

    If your audience wants oranges you cannot give them apples. It’s as simple as that.

    You must sell meaningful products and services. It does not make sense to sell Windows software to a Mac user, does it? Selling something your audience is interested in buying helps you foster your community.

    #10 – Tell your audience, “What’s in it for them?”

    To turn your readers into customers and customers into repeat buyers, you must tell them exactly what you have in store for them. Talk about the benefits and incentives of using your products of services.

    Found these tips useful?

    Why not spread the word? Let your friends and colleagues know about these social media marketing tips. Also, don’t forget to tell us how these tips are helping you.

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