Top 10 Social Media Trends to keep an eye on this 2015

    The global economy seems to be in a rush to boom which has resulted into expansion in all sectors. Meaning, corporate establishments across the globe are eying on bigger chucks of profits, thereby expanding horizons in possibly all directions. The role of social media in this expansion is inevitable.

    How Social Media becomes a Golden Catch?

    Be it an e-commerce giant or a multinational corporate house, everybody is now dependent on social media to reach out their potential customers in no time. Recently, many e-commerce giants could make big in the India market by opting for viral marketing and made millions out of it. Such stories are not uncommon these days as everybody seems to understand the growing momentum of social media globally.

    Now since this seems to be a buzzing area, the marketers and web masters are keen on knowing the top 10 social media trends that are all up and running to make big this year. Here is some news for those who are eager to transform their social media marketing strategy to roll out some decent marketing strategies to emerge winners in the end.

    Trend #1: It’s all Business for Facebook this Year

    FacebookFacebook is one common platform that all of us are aware of. This social media platform is all set to reduce the organic page post reach in order to move-in ‘pay-for-post-boost’ strategy in order to promote its services and roll out large revenues out of the same.

    • The video ads, post boost per click, page promotions and the like are all set to inflate as Facebook plans to raise more money through these segments.
    • The new ‘Buy’ button by Facebook might turn out to be a fad this year among social shopaholics.

    Trend #2: Ello says Hello to the Big World, but will it make big?

    Ello Social NetworkEllo – A new social portal in town which is an ‘invite-only’ thing has said to make it big with just five months of its launch. Offering a forever ad free experience to its users, this platform is seen as an all new cool social network but the critics are not sure if this momentum is long to stay because:

    • The no-ad forever element- Without advertisements, it’ll be difficult to sustain as it won’t give it revenue, vey necessary for survival and growth.
    • Facebook still seems to a better option that many such niche social networks in the current business scenario.

    Trend #3: It’s all about Graphics and Video this 2015

    Graphics and VideoThe young and the old, both generations are all geared up owing to the kind of social media exposure. It is this continuous exposure that is set to hit the headlines this year as it’ll all be about graphic and video promotions to catch hold of the customers.

    • Brands have understood that customers are willing to have quick information that looks good too, hence are moving from text to video social media content.
    • As per the data released by Cisco, it is believed that by 2018, 80% of the social media traffic will turn into video.

    Trend #4: Twitter is set to achieve more this year

    Twitter Trends 2015With Twitter offering all the more flexibility to businesses in terms of everything, results, views, reach and the like, it is predicted that more and more business organisations will shift towards Twitter ad-bandwagon.

    • The new-fangled payment structure permits the users to pay for definite performance-based actions other than for simple re-tweets or clicks.
    • The new drives will be, predominantly, appeal to start-ups or average business organisations which are eager to pay for results than just brand visibility.

    Trend #5: Google Plus might fade even more this year

    Failed Google Authorship experiment, there is nothing that Google Plus offers which other social platforms do not. Hence it is believed that this social platform is vulnerable to lose the remaining importance, a little or more left, by the end of this year.

    Trend #6: Instagram is set to Rule this Season

    With more and more people willing to go-in for those brands that are able to catch hold of their attention, brands have turned their back to content marketing and are now focussed on image media marketing via Instagram which is the next-big-thing this 2015.

    • Used initially by teens to upload pictures, businesses have taken up their presence on this platform seriously and are using the platform to reach out many potential buyers in the real world.
    • Businesses are seen opting to use this platform for both paid advertising and content marketing purposes.

    Trend #7: Look out for Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing Trend 2015More and more users have now ditched the old customs and have gone digital, using mobile more than anything else. It is shift in use-technology that has forced marketers to understand mobile marketing and invest more into it.

    • The recent data shows that people now spend more time using Apps than fixed internet and are keen on downloading apps for shopping clothes, food, footwear, services of all kinds, etc,
    • 89% of the time spent on social media is through media apps

    Trend #8: Finally Marketers will be interested to learn new ways to Media Marketing

    Historically there has been much confusion on how to use social media to one’s benefit. This confusion is all set to go down with marketers finding ways and means to unlock the secrets of social media as a success tool.

    • As organisations, web marketers, and other social media enthusiasts keep acclimating to the new-fangled authenticity of the social world, mishaps will probably dwindle.
    • And appropriate use of social media marketing, with reliable content and ads that append value, will amplify.

    Trend #9: LinkedIn will continue to Grow

    LinkedIn has been one B2B platform used by many to form connections and grow; the trend is set to continue in 2015 with more businesses understanding and realizing more from this social media platform. Considered to be a little tricky by many, the confusions are set to de-rail, making business make more out of the same.

    • Data predicts more business relishing on B2B via LinkedIn
    • The gap between LinkedIn and other social media platforms will continue to grow

    Trend #10: Content Marketing will make it way

    Content Marketing Trend 2015Though video and graphic content is set to play a dominating role, content marketing will make it way through the year with the need of relevant posts across social media playing a major role.

    • This year, social media marketers will ultimately become conscious of the fact that there are two mainstay pillars of a content marketing line of attack: publication and distribution
    • People will also realize that social media is the most successful way of intensifying the reach and visibility of their content

    These trends are just a glimpse of the big story that’s all set to roll this year. The critics believe that this year will mark the on-start of big social media elements which will make big in the succeeding years.


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    1. Interesting article about the evolution of the social media trend. I think Facebook is losing its grip but at the same time it is trying to evaluate more features like money transfer.‏

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