The Truth Behind Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a concept that many companies are still experimenting with and a very few of them indeed understand it properly. There are predominantly two camps in the corporate world when it comes to social media marketing, one which understands social media marketing, its potential and tries to deploy it for improving business and sales.

    And then there is another group which wields the power to deploy new ideas and power change but understand a precious little about social media marketing.

    The inception

    In the later part of the first decade and carrying onto the second decade of this new millennium people observed a new wave of growing social media enthusiasts and the increasing influence that these sites had on people.

    The corporate houses were quick to observe this trend and hoped to capitalize it as a means of alternate marketing tool or a cheaper means to propagate the product and services or even spread information about the company.

    Quick results can be illusive

    Social media marketing can be a time consuming process as compared to other tools. Many people are deceived into thinking that due to the influence social media can have over a vast population, the results shall also be quick.
    On the contrary benefits from social media marketing happen over the long run and the benefits continue over the years due to continual spread of message through social media. It helps to be stubborn when it comes to realizing full benefits from social media marketing as the results can sometimes take years to come by.

    Targeted action for better results

    Companies seeking gains through social media marketing need to understand they cannot expect good results if they try to break into all the social networks. They need to invest time and resources as a concentrated effort to fully appreciate the results that they can achieve by concentrating in one of the many social networks. Another essential fact is that the companies cannot expect to be in all the places at all times.

    Though it can be of great help if people can integrate the efforts on various social networking sites, it can be a tiring and cumbersome process and does not guarantee desired results. But compared to the efforts required to be on all the social networking sites, interconnecting these sites can be bear better results as efforts get more concentrated.

    Some of the etiquettes that ensure success include

    • Ensuring a dedicated effort on particular social network
    • Including relevant content instead of spam
    • Regular updates and more opportunities to connect
    • Activities that increase involvement of people
    • More interesting content for people to read

    A constructive dialogue is more appreciated that a dictation

    It has been observed that social media marketing campaigns that prefer conversation over announcements and unilateral broadcast of information yield better results as it promotes more and more people to get involved making the campaign a success.

    Campaigns that mix information along with discussions have a far better success rate compared to the ones that run unilaterally on announcements about products and services offered by a company.

    Truth be told, social media marketing is a gold mine for companies where they can tap into millions of online social media users and promote themselves. While the results might be slow, persistence pays in abundance.

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