The next generation of mobile users are coming… Are you ready to convert them?

    The mobile revolution with the rise in popularity of tablets and smartphones has given rise to completely new challenges – many of which even the big players were unaware of. While some were quick to identify them, others sat there without doing anything about it. But 2014, we all know mobile has become pervasive and you just cannot avoid it. The same goes for CDNs and Ad networks as well. With more people visiting your mobile website more than the desktop one, customer conversion needs a fresher outlook.

    What are the problems?

    What can be served on mobile? This is a great dilemma for many. What exactly is fit for a 4-6’’ screen? You surely cannot have big banner ads covering all the contents or ads which put too much information since it will just clutter up. Not can you have pop ups which usually take up the entire screen and destroys the mobile experience.

    This means that the challenges are previously unfaced and need to be solved quick. The next sections explore what can be done about this precarious situation in general.

    What can be served?

    With smaller form factors and ever decreasing attention spans, you need something different than the traditional “flashing” ads littering a website. Smartphone users typically spend much less time on your mobile website. Thus you contents need to be “to the point” and “catchy”.

    Smaller form factors also mean that you cannot stuff ads and contents with text or other form of information. Such text will almost always render into very small and unreadable mess which everyone will be ignoring gladly. Thus you need to avoid “information overload”.

    Also, mobile browsers typically are quite different from desktop ones and Flash is usually a no-go for smartphones. This means that the correct content format is very important. Also, mobile has typically less codec support for audio/video contents and cannot be upgraded as the desktop. So this brings us to our third observation – “Content format is important”.

    Smartphones typically run on ARM platform whose power is nowhere near to a dedicated desktop or even a laptop. Also, the available RAM is limited as well and so is power. This implies that your content/ad cannot be too heavy or taxing on the hardware to render it correctly. Otherwise, it will slow down the whole experience and ruin the very purpose of the ad. Thus, you should always “keep the target hardware in mind”.

     TL;DR: You should be concentrating on certain key points such as

    • Content delivered should be to the point and catchy.
    • Always strive to avoid information overload.
    • Content delivery format is very important.
    • Keep in mind the hardware limitations of mobile.

    How it can be served?

    Serving content for the mobile internet is quite a challenge as well. On the mobile, you have much less screen space to play with. So, the layout is of absolute importance. The placement of the ads and other commercial content will determine where they increase your conversion or actually bring it down.

    Typically, a mobile user is going to visit a site not just to browse but to actually check something. It is essential that the user is not made to jump through hoops of full screen annoying ads before the actual content. This only acts as a detriment and will not drive conversion.

    Ideally, you would want the commercial stuff to complement the actual content. Thus the ad you want should relate to the information that is present. This also makes it more personal and contextual instead of random ads.

    How mobile conversions will prove booming to the upcoming web generation?

    Mobile friendly sites are considered to do well in the future in converting the online audiences into valuable customers as the new generation is much more interested in having a smartphone than having a laptop or desktop.


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