Taking The First Step To Success

    While you are planning to build a new startup; the initial steps towards the business become the most important and critical one for you. This might not be the actual start of your new endeavor however; it will surely be the start of a new idea or at least a new path towards success.

    Remember, Success is not an event, it is a continuous process; and to achieve tremendous success, you have to begin in the most creative fashion possible and follow it through to the end.

    To achieve the kind of success you have always dreamt of; you have to start from the beginning, just like you start with “A” in the alphabets. And today, we will start with some important A’s that will form the beginning of your business.


    The basic step to reach success is, always striving for more; you have to build and expand your career and yourself more as a person, rather than just success. The more you grow, the more you accomplish the totality of life. Get Aware!

    Hold an image of where you are right now, and then envision where you want to be: richer, happier, successful, healthier, fit positively in love.

    To fulfil your dreams, you have to be attentive and aware of your everyday choices which can divert you from your goals. Be exceedingly conscious of your choices today, so you can make decisions that fall in line with your future dreams.


    To succeed, you have to make yourself answerable by avoiding lethargy and cynical thinking. Be Responsible!

    The best way to do so is by sharing your dreams with people who can boost your confidence and motivate you to focus on your tasks.

    You can also Pair up with a Business Coach who can authenticate your weekly progress as a living deadline to keep you moving.

    Track your progress and missteps without excuses or exceptions; it is the path to building success because this process forces you to be conscious of your decisions.


    Once you become aware of what steps you must take for your desired objectives and proceed with an Action Plan; you will eventually start producing the behavior you desire. Take Charge!

    You will be moving towards realizing your desires and objectives while producing a powerful side effect. You will start attracting people with similar mindset and ideas as yours into your life and business ventures.

    Just like the Law of Magnetism says, “You are who you attract”; and so, you will soon be in a position where you can build a network of like-minded people who succeed together. Your greatest growth will always come as a result of finding people ahead of you who can show you the way forward.


    You may have no idea about time needed for you to be effective, demands placed upon you or your life, prices you have to pay for your success or the energy required to fulfil your commitments to yourself and to others. Be Authoritative!

    Successful people have firm belief that their success will make all great sacrifices well worth it. Doing what you want to do, will be better than you ever imagined. The compounding profit of investing in your personal growth will be astronomical and you will be blown away by how much fun you have doing it and succeeding at it.


    To win, you have to map out the conditions you require to get ahead; if you can’t find them, create them. Take Initiative!

    Build the door to success by taking actions in pursuit of your dreams. Nothing can stand in the way of a zealous person.

    List the steps you need to take to reach where you want to go and make tangible goals. One successful goal achieved will build your motivation for the next goal, and so on.

    All these steps will not be always the right ones. Yet, once you start putting yourself into motion; all steps taken will prove to be a gift because either right or wrong, every step will provide you both knowledge and direction.


    • Get Committed. Be prepared to pay the price for your individual growth; financially and otherwise.
    • Be Consistent. Keep your thoughts, words and deeds concentrated on Accomplishment.
    • Be Creative. Visualize the outcomes. Get involved in core development to sense the triumph in all tangible aspects.
    • Educate Yourself. Read books, attend lectures / seminars or hire a Business Coach from the people in your business. If possible, try and met them personally. Such people and their knowledge could be a gift to your personal growth.

    Be thankful for every opportunity that offers you some learning. There is no higher levels of success you can achieve then having a spirit of a student.

    The Bottom Line:

    Once you start experiencing your success, own it and celebrate it. You have earned it! And then start afresh on a new journey with a new beginning from the letter “A” which you can now nurture all the way to “Z”.

    Redevelop yourself each time you go through this process. You grow in the ideas about yourself, life and continued success; A process that doesn’t really have an end.


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