Pubmatic Review

    Pubmatic is a renowned ad network internationally and is now expanding big time in India. Founded back in the year 2006 with a strong back ground of its founders in internet companies, its vision is quite strong and Pubmatic has picked up its leaders with great thought. Pubmatic is based in seven offices including in Asia and Europe. Pubmatic is working with one of the top most publishers.

    Pubmatic team is always looking to increase revenue with its real time optimization. Pubmatic premier is offered to publishers with more than 100 million impressions per month. It works on real time bidding and the price prediction is done by the algorithm. Pubmatics works with hundreds of networks and major exchanges.

    Pubmatic has the largest pool of real time bidders with its seven offices located globally. It helps making tie ups with ad networks. It has the intelligence to target the audiences based on the contextual and behavioral interests in turn making more money with higher CPM with audience sales.

    Pubmatic for Adnetworks

    Pubmatic can help ad network getting more publishers. It can help the program get a lot of affiliates. It can also help the network in managing all the aspects of business, inturn helping the network so that they can focus on the core business and its growing. As it gives maximum returns to the publishers and make sure that every impression is accounted for, Pubmatic can help increase the performance of the ad network.

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