Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

    Marketing has seen lot of changes over the years with the fast growing world of internet and technology. The days are gone when you had to sell your product or services by going from one shop to another which is known as traditional marketing. The traditional marketing has switched to online marketing and with lot of users moving on to searching stuff on mobile, users prefer to call a number rather than going to a link and reading about product online. Now, the customers like to talk to somebody live on the phone and that has given birth to the technology of Pay Per Call Marketing. Google started pay per call long ago back in the year 2005 and the pay per click has started long time back.

    How does Pay per call marketing works?

    This technology is very simple. It is the phone number which you see in the search engines, Display ads, banners and emails rather than sending traffic to a page, it is the phone which user will see and make a call on the toll free number. Advertisers pay publishers on qualified calls and for a call to get qualified the caller has to stay on the call for a particular time decided before the call converts on to a paid call for the publishers.

    All the calls are tracked on the basis of Toll free number. A publisher can use multiple numbers to track different campaigns. Lot of business especially services are seeing some improved numbers because of this service and it’s worth a try.

    Advantages of Pay per call Affiliate Marketing

    High conversions: Over the years we have seen that pay per call marketing gets 2 to 3 times improved conversions as compared to other form of online marketing. With the increase in call centers it is a preferred way of marketing and it is economical for the advertisers and profitable for publishers.

    Best for small businesses: It is a great solution for even plumbers, dieticians, dentist and lawyers. These are cheap calls for expensive services. There are always buyers for such services and one gets paid for such calls.

    Less cost of Acquisition: If you are a small business now you have to spend less on advertisement as these can be bought for less money. You can do PPC on Google and other search engines to get these calls.

    High payouts: If you are not happy with your income coming from the online advertisement for brands then you should try your hands on pay per call as you will be rewarded with a lot of money. There are huge payouts from the advertisers and some advertisers may also pay you more than $20 for a single call.

    Less competition: As this form of advertising is not known to all, it is the best time to get in to pay per call advertising.

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