Mobile vs Laptop

    With better mobile phones i.e. smart phones and new technology providing fast internet access, many consumers are switching to mobile phones for surfing internet. Mobile phones have their own issues such as small screen size, limited speed, etc but yet many prefer to surf internet on their ‘on the move’ gadget. Since customers have gone online, the business has to follow the same. With changing consumer behavior and attitude, marketing methods have also changed. Instead of using traditional banners and pamphlets, the promotions are now done in form of video posts which has maximum penetration.

    Internet marketing is booming which is clear by the fact that in US it has grown by 16% in 2012 with a revenue of around $36.6 Billion dollars and with the mobile marketing it has grown triple digit, it has increased 112% approx. Imagine what is going to happen in 2014 where you will see smart phone buyers multiplying by ifs and bounds.

    Every business, today, aspires to capture the market y creating a name for itself online. With mobile phones having various shortcomings, the businesses are now looking to innovate with more images and less content so as to go mobile friendly, be it a small or a big screen.

    Active internet on mobiles is not a story that all countries can connect to specially the developing nations like India, where not many mobile users have 3G connection unlike Japan, US, etc where the internet on mobile phones are even better than the internet on the laptop.

    Internet giants like Facebook gets 60% of its traffic from mobile phones now and so the developers of Facebook have designed their pages which are mobile friendly and almost all the websites are following the same trend by stressing more on images and videos which make more sense to the users.

    Making payments online via cell phones is also a challenge as security cannot be ensured but there are some good mobile payment solutions which are hitting the market and will bring in a lot of revolution.

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