Mobiklix Best Choice for Mobile Traffic

    2013 and onwards have been the years of mobile phones and Mobiklix is one of the top most Affiliate program which is dedicated to mobile entertainment business which is growing as the world is moving towards smart phones. Not only mobile is now used for talking but also for marketers who have to make money out of it. When the affiliates plan to join the affiliate program they prefer that the brand should be trust worthy.

    There are not many affiliate programs focusing on mobile marketing as compared to web and the number is even lesser when it comes to mobile entertainment where there is huge traffic. In order for publisher to monetize the traffic they would need huge converting offers and enticing promotional material which will take the user away from the purpose of playing or watching a video or for making a purchase online.

    Why Publishers should join Mobiklix?

    Variety of offers:

    Hundreds of offers to choose from and you can target for both web and mobile so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have one of these. You can promote either of it. Affiliate program claims so that that they have some of the best converting advertiser with them.

    Payment methods:

    When a network doesn’t provide enough payment method it becomes very hard to promote even if it has the best offers on internet. Mobiklix knows its business doesn’t charge for wire transfer which something publishers have to always face and that has been taken care off by the network. They also pay from Paypal, ACH or Mastercard and there is no fees for the money transfer.

    International Offers:

    Network has all kind of offers which takes traffic from all part of the world keeping in mind as most of the publishers get traffic from all parts of the world and it is accepting publishers from across the globe.


    You as a publisher can get real time reporting from the network.

    Good choice for the Advertiser

    Mobiklix is no different for the advertiser due to the experience the management team brings in.

    Help from affiliate managers: Advertiser is always concerned about ROI and to reach to optimum level they would always need an experienced team.

    Sources: You pick what you think gives you the best output. There are a variety of offers which can be sold through different channels as they have huge inventory of publishers with them.

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