Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

    If you have been recently in touch with some top bloggers and internet marketers, especially those who are into Affiliate Marketing; you must have been advised at least once to enroll yourself into some good Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

    And that makes sense too as people are making incomparable earnings through the commissions and incentives for selling and promoting various Web Hosting Organizations like BlueHost, DreamHost, SiteGround and many more.

    These days, almost all the Web Hosting Companies are offering Affiliate Earning Possibilities. And, if you are the owner of some blog that teaches people about how to start a website, how to write a blog or anything that is around Blogging and Hosting Niche, these Affiliate Programs can help you earn more than what you are earning via any Ad Network.

    How does the Web Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

    Just like other Affiliate Marketing Schemes; you need to promote the Web Hosting Plans and other applicable Services to your readers / visitors and place some links on your webpage / blog which they will follow to reach the Hosting Site.

    If your customer purchases hosting service from the concerned Web Hosting Provider, you receive your commission which is usually very high with such programs.

    Later in this post, we will look at how Web Hosting Affiliate Programs can help you make handsome money and some great Affiliate Programs that you can join.

    What is the Earning Potential of a Web Hosting Affiliate?

    Earning PotentialHosting Affiliate Programs offer insane commission payouts for new customer and sales. You can begin with a minimum $25 as commission that increases with the number of sales and goes up to $300 per sale.

    The more sales you make in a month, the higher the commission for each sale. Plus, most programs offer Two-Tier Commissions, which means you earn from those sales too which were brought by people you referred.

    Now you might be wondering, “How can these companies afford to pay such huge commissions?” The reason is simple; these companies are so confident of their services that they assume, if someone registers for a Hosting Plan with them, they can retain the customer for many years and earn a lot more than what they offer to Affiliates.

    How does the increase in Website Building affect Hosting Affiliate Programs?

    You will more people interested in Website Building and Designing today than there were around 10 years back. This clearly means that the customers is there and you only need to attract them to buy through you.

    You can do this via a good SEO Strategy and a smart use of Discount Coupons. If you are socially active, you can promote the services through Social Networks too.

    With the increasing need of business websites, the need of Web Hosting also upsurges. And when people search for articles and information on buying Web Hosting Solutions, you will certainly bag some good commissions every month.

    What are the Suggested Niche for a Web Hosting Affiliate?

    To become a successful Web Hosting Affiliate, you don’t need to have a domain that showcases only related information like or There are some other niches that can help you get good results.

    For example, here is what you can use:

    1. Blogging
    2. Internet Technology
    3. Website Designing / Building
    4. Coding Tips and Tricks
    5. Templates and Tutorials

    How can you promote a Good Web Hosting Plan / Service?

    Here are some tips that newbies can use to promote a Web Hosting Affiliate Program:

    Write Hosting Review: Provide complete details with technical specifications in your review. Also put some solid reasons why you recommend it. Avoid fake marketing stunts and give genuine and personalized reviews.

    Put Hosting Banners / Links: You can ask for promotion material like banner and text link codes through your Affiliate Panel and put it on your site. Attractive Custom Banners and Images perform way better than common Ad Material.

    Hosting Discount Coupons: Most of Web Hosting Companies offer Discounts to increase sales. Keep an eye on latest discount coupons and whenever you find a great offer, share it with your readers via Blog Post, Email Newsletter or Social Networks. If the Discount Period is quite longer, you can also place a prominent banner on your Website.

    Custom Discount Coupons: Some Hosting Companies offer Custom Hosting Discount Coupons to Affiliates and help them increase their sales. You can create custom coupons, close to your brand name and promote it through your blog/website. Make Coupon Codes simple and easy to remember; and let users earn incentives for buying through you.

    Create Hosting Comparison: Hosting Comparison Websites are very useful to pick up the best. If you can create an honest site with excellent reviews, comparison and discount coupons; a proper strategy can work wonders for you.

    Which Popular Web Hosting Affiliate Programs should you join?

    There are numerous Web Hosting Companies that offer lucrative and free-to-join Affiliate Programs. You can always use Google to find if any specific Web Hosting Company offers the Affiliate Program or not.

    Or you can make use of Affiliate Marketplaces like CJ, ClickBank, etc. to discover the most beneficial Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. In my opinion, joining directly to any Web Hosting Affiliate is less painful and much worthy.

    Try WP Engine, DreamHost, BlueHost or IX Web Hosting Affiliate Program to begin with or pick the Affiliate of Hosting Service you use; it’s always good to suggest or promote something that you are confident about.

    How can Indian Web Hosting Affiliates fill out their Tax Forms?

    If you’re a Newbie Affiliate Marketer who is promoting Web Hosting Services from India and has no connection with U.S., you may encounter some issue while filling out the Affiliate Tax Form.

    Here is some handy tips about the process followed by the majority of Affiliate Programs for Non-U.S. Residents.

    • Start filling the W8-BEN Affiliate Tax Form with details like your Name, Address and Type of Beneficial Owner.
    • Enter your Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the Affiliate Tax Form (Simply add any 9-digit number).
    • Keep all the fields under “Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits” blank.
    • And finally, in the Signature field, write Your Complete Name that will work as an Authorized Signature.
    • Click on Submit Tax form and you’re good to receive payments for all your Affiliate Sales.

    The Bottom Line:

    If Affiliate Market fascinates you; Web Hosting Affiliate is what you should probably look into. With Web Hosting Companies offering several opportunities, little hard work can help you earn big from Hosting Commissions. Just make good use of such high paying programs; and I’m sure, you will never regret it.


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