Major Changes to Turn the Face of SEO

Major Changes to Turn the Face of SEO

The use of internet to develop business and advertise the products and services is not new. It has been around for quite some time since people realised the importance of the influence the virtual world can have on consumers.

SEO has become one of the most exploited tools when it comes to developing a business and when deployed properly can quickly change a small business into something substantial within a short span of time.

How SEO helps businesses grow

SEO tools that include many on page and off page activities are devised to increase traffic on a particular webpage by ensuring an optimum ranking in online search results. These techniques not only help businesses find a bigger footprint in the market but also enable them to register higher revenue figures ensuring more customers and business for the target company.

SEO involves a lot of articles, blogs and other content that gets linked to the company’s website. Whenever a person searches for particular products or services using particular keywords, they can find the target company’s website amongst the top ten results, which is where a majority of people concentrate when searching online.

Studies indicate that people rarely look for results beyond the first page of results or only the top ten results and hence it pays to be ranked high in the search results.

SEO tools improve web usability and act as a direction markers

The tools utilised by SEO specialists are designed to make the usage of internet more user friendly by taking the users to the things they are looking for instead of making them work hard to get there.

These tools ensure that the users never get lost in the virtual world and can directly use the leads generated by the tools to access the sites they are looking for. The tools work as direction markers taking internet users quickly to the information they seek.

Advantages of using SEO:

There are several advantages of deploying SEO like:

  • Improved web usability
  • Better and quicker access to information
  • Enhanced ROI and quicker paybacks

Major changes that have influenced the way SEO is deployed

It has been noted that a vast majority of internet users, close to 80%, tend to turn towards Google search engine when it comes to looking for information online. And to improve the quality of services offered by Google to its users several algorithms were deployed by the Google team to identify and weed out sites that had lings to spam or substandard content.

This prompted the SEO agencies to work towards ensuring higher quality, avoid copying content and also ensure that the content they offered had maximum relevance.

Whenever a website is found defaulting on the rules like copying content either partially or wholly from other sites, it is usually removed from search results and the latest algorithms ensure that the URL of that particular site never turns up in any search result.

Developments over the years that changed the face of SEO industry

Since a few years Google has started deploying measures to ensure that more and more serious net users get precedence over spammers and these measures included introduction of Snippets and abolition of keyword Meta tag from its algorithms to discourage to stop keyword spamming.

There has been a lot of activity in since 2010 which includes:

  • Making it mandatory for businesses to have a website to figure in Google places
  • Introduction of ‘Caffeine’, used to incorporate page loading time in page ranking


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