How to Use Facebook to Grow your Business

    With over 1.32 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the world’s largest social network. If you are not on Facebook, you are missing a lot, especially if you own a business.

    Facebook made its debut in 2004. At that time, it was a no-frills network allowing college students to connect with one another.

    After 10 years, with over 1.32 billion users, Facebook has evolved into the most popular social network which is used by almost everybody.

    Today, people are using Facebook to connect with friends and the world around them, and businesses are using it to build a closer relationship with their audience and customers.

    With such an impressive number of people using Facebook every day, it is just the right place to start advertising your business.

    Key Facebook Stats and Demographics

    Here are some stats (as of October, 2014) that make Facebook ideal for just about any business.

    • Facebook has over 1.32 billion monthly active users
    • More than 1.07 billion mobile monthly active users
    • Over 800 million daily active users
    • 50 million+ Facebook pages
    • Of which 30 million+ pages belong to different businesses
    • Posts and pages on Facebook are liked 4.5 billion times each day
    • Facebook’s breakdown by gender is 55% female and 45% male
    • About 65% of Facebook users are over 35
    • 72% of online adults visit Facebook once a month
    • 81% of Facebook’s daily active users are outside the US and Canada

    Tips for Success on Facebook

    It takes less than 15 minutes to create a business page on Facebook. However, it takes careful planning and execution to taste success. Here are our tips to help you launch a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

    • Uninteresting posts are a common reason why people leave a Facebook page. So always post interesting content.
    • Dedicate a “relationship manager” for your Facebook page. This person should be responsible for interacting with users and providing timely responses to their comments. If your business needs it, assign more than one person on this task.
    • Join the conversation with your customers. Your goal of building a Facebook page is to foster a community of happy people. If you participate in conversations started by them, you obviously make them feel that you value the relationship.
    • Over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook in a single day. So it makes perfect sense to share visual content on your Facebook page.
    • Deliver content that is optimized for mobile phones as a large number of Facebook users use their mobile phones to log in.
    • Run exclusive promotions on your Facebook page.
    • Proactively decide what you want to do with inappropriate content. Your page wall and comments are open to everybody inside your community which means they can post anything there. Your discretion is advised.
    • Remove content that contains offensive language, advertorial content, profanity, information like credit card details, threatening posts or other sensitive information.
    • Address comments and wall posts if they contain complaints, negative commentary or other critical statements. People can say anything they want and you cannot ignore to listen to it.
    • If people send you (your page) private messages, respond to them using the same channel. Do not make such interactions public.
    • You have the ability to highlight important posts. If you think something is worth gaining user attention, highlight it on your page’s timeline.
    • Create Groups and Events to connect with your audience.
    • Add buttons to your website to let users share your content on Facebook.
    • Never spam. People hate spam as much as you do.

    Over to you

    Thousands of top brands are using Facebook to connect with prospects and customers. It’s your turn now. Create a Facebook business page for your brand today and start amazing your customers.

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