How to Start a Blog and Earn Money Online? (Best Guide for 2022)

    Do you want to know about starting a blog and earning money online in 2022?  Well, you are at the exact place here. This step by step guide will certainly give you a deep insight into the latest blogging strategies in 2022.

    9 Easy Steps to Start a Blog & Earn Money within a Week

    1. Picking up the name of your blog
    2. Deciding on CMS
    3. Setting up the web hosting
    4. Selecting the Free WP theme
    5. Working on the Design
    6. Publishing the Posts
    7. On-Page SEO (2022)
    8. The Blog’s Promotion
    9. And, the Monetization Strategies

    Picking up the Best Domain Name

    The domain name selection is the topmost concern if you are serious about blogging. Domain name establishes a unique identity of any blog. Thus it is very important. But the question is how to pick up an excellent domain name. Well, here are some tips for deciding on the right domain name:

    • First of all, think what excites you the most
    • What are your personal interests and hobbies
    • On which topic/niche you have excellent command
    • What do you wish to share with the world

    Thinking on these questions and carefully analyzing the answers will help you in creating a pool of niches and domain names. Well, at this step, you should do some research and find out which of these niches are easy to monetize and then go ahead with that niche.

    And for the “tld” you should preferably go with the “.com” domain name. But if you have a highly exclusive domain name, then you can choose “.org” or “.net” as well. Now, for buying the domain name, you have a plethora of options where you will get heavy discounts on domain names.

    Deciding on the CMS

    CMS or Content Management System is an essential thing to decide on. However, there are various CMSs are available out there, but in 2022, WordPress is the most preferred CMS. It’s free and very easy to use for beginners. Most of the top web hosts are offering exclusive offers on WordPress hosting as well. Therefore you should opt for WordPress to start your new blog.

    Choosing the Web Hosting with Exclusive Features

    Once you are ready with the domain name, then it’s the time for looking for the best web hosting company. While looking for web hosting, you should look out for some basic and important features including:

    • 100% Uptime
    • Powerful Hardware Resources
    • Enough Storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Brand Reputation
    • Dedicated Customer Support

    These are some basic features the hosting company must provide but there are some exclusive features you receive with the top web hosts such as:

    • Free Domain Name
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • 1 Click WordPress Install
    • Ready to Use Free WordPress Themes

    Although there are primarily three types of hosting services available including shared hosting dedicated VPS and cloud hosting but as a beginner, you should go with shared hosting for keeping the initial investment low.

    For beginners we recommend BlueHost as this company has a wide reputation and is very friendly for beginners. Equipped with the cutting edge technology and hardware, this hosting company is rated among one of the best hosting companies in 2022. And, you can easily install WordPress in just one click and start blogging right away.

    Let us guide you about this web hosting provider:

    First of all, click on get started button on the first screen to start the process.

    Now, choose the desired package as per your budget and requirements.

    Now, setup the domain name. If you already have a domain name then just input it or just create a new domain.

    Now enter your details for creating your account such as your name and address details on the boxes given on screen.

    Fill up your credit card details payment information to complete the order.

    Review the order details and select desired package extras. Choose the extras you need to be included in package.

    It’s the time to create your password for login into your account on BlueHost.

    Now click on the “go to login” to proceed to login in your hosting account.

    Enter your domain name and password and click on login.

    Now enter the name and tagline of your blog and activate the “do you want a blog” option

    Select the checkboxes regarding the details your blog.

    Choose the appropriate WordPress theme as per your likes and niche

    Now it’s the time for 1 click WordPress installation

    Now, WordPress is installed and you can view the Control Panel on next step

    Have an overview of blog’s Control Panel. Try some of them and have fun.

    Checkout the different tools available on WordPress dashboard.

    Selecting the Free WordPress theme

    Choosing the right theme is an equally important task for creating a successful and excellent blog. The theme should be crisp in design and clean in coding. It’s an important measure because the complex design and code will increase the site loading time that’s a vital SEO factor.

    Another aspect of the right theme for the blog creation is its relevancy with your particular niche. Relevancy has its importance in the alignment with the content you publish and theme design.

    And, you should start with the free theme, but once you start earning, then you must move to paid themes later on. Paid themes come with some exclusive and the latest features.

    Working on the Design

    Although themes come with a prebuilt design element, you still need to work on the design elements to make your blog exclusive in design. Starting a blog needs you to be a bit creative so that you can edit the design. Believe me; it’s very easy to edit the blog design in WordPress.

    If you have a simple know-how of PhotoShop, then it’s an additional advantage. Well, if you aren’t comfortable with Photoshop, then go with free online designing software such as Canva. In such online platforms, you can easily create personalized designs for your blog.

    There are some resources for free graphics but they are good only for use within the posts. For the theme design editing, you should prefer your own designs for the sake of uniqueness.

    Publishing Your First Post

    I think it’s the most simple and straightforward part for starting your own blog. Just develop the content for the first post and relevant images for your first post, and you are good to go. Just click on “New Post” in your WordPress dashboard and you will see the options for entering the title and content.

    On the title enter the title of the post and in the bigger box enter the text and images. You have many different options on a bigger box to format the content and inserting the graphics. Now, just click on the “Publish” button, and your first blog post is available online. That’s it! It’s as simple as that!

    Congratulations, you have successfully created your blog on BlueHost so just start blogging. We have covered the first part of how to create a blog in 2022 so far. Now, we will cover the rest part – how to earn money online through blogging in 2022.

    Points given following should have your primary concern because ultimately your have started the blog for earning money online.

    On Page SEO (2022)

    Starting a blog has no value if the blog doesn’t get proper exposure. Here is given the list of some latest on-page checklist which you should consider while writing the content and editing the blog.

    • Install SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin
    • Titles & Meta Descriptions must be adequately optimized
    • Use lists, H1, H2, H3 headings in the content
    • Focus on page load speed
    • Wisely link content internally and externally
    • Blog’s Responsiveness (Blog must load properly on PC/Laptop, Tablet and Mobile)
    • The tags for the images
    • Optimization of the URLs

    Following above given on page SEO factors will bring massive organic traffic to your new blog in start. It will also help in obtaining the higher ranking in SERP.

    The Blog’s Promotion

    Now, you are ready with your blog and done with on-page SEO. So, let’s start guiding you for the blog promotion because, without promotion, you won’t get traffic. And without traffic, you just can’t earn money online. In 2022, things have changed a lot – old age promotion strategies aren’t working anymore.

    Here are some tips on promoting a new blog today:

    #1 Social Media:

    Social media is the first and foremost destination for promoting a new blog. As a beginner you should promote your blog on top social media platforms to redirect some initial traffic towards your newly started blog.

    Here is the list of top social media sites in 2022 for blog promotion:

    • Facebook Groups
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Tiktok

    But avoid spamming on these platforms or else you will get banned.

    #2 Chatting Apps:

    It’s the latest and the best method for sharing your content. If you have access to group chats in these apps, then it would be an additional benefit, but still, you can share your content to your contacts in these apps and receive traffic on your blog.

    Here are listed some top apps:

    • Messenger
    • Whatsapp
    • WeChat

    #3 Web 2.0

    In 2022, web 2.0 properties have become essential for promoting the newly started blogs. These properties don’t only bring direct traffic but also help you in increasing the search engine rankings. Here you can create free blogs, and in turn, you can get a link back to your website.

    Some of the best Web 2.0 properties are listed here:

    • LinkedIn
    • Blogger
    • Quora
    • Reddit
    • Tumblr

    Use these platforms with care and don’t spam. These sites are very strict about spamming.

    #4 Email Signature and News Letters

    Just don’t forget to include your blog in your Email signature. Whenever someone will open your mail then the receiver may click on the link and you may get the visitor.

    Also, you should include a “Subscribe Us” in the side column of your blog so that your audience can subscribe to your blog. This way, you will have loyal subscribers who will definitely share your blog post.

    #5 Forums and Blog Boards

    It’s an old age method but if you use it properly then you can get fruitful results. Join the relevant forums as per your niche and use your blog’s link in signature.

    There are some blog boards as well where you can submit your blog as well.

    #6 Search Engine Optimization

    The promotional methods we discussed above are for initial promotion, but these methods are very important for promoting a new blog. Later on, these promotional methods will be considered for SEO measures as well; therefore, they always take proper care about what you are sharing on above-given platforms.

    SEO is all about creating quality backlinks. Remember, we are talking about off-page SEO here as we have already discussed on-page SEO before. Except for the method discussed in the above section here is an exclusive list of other new SEO strategies for 2022.

    • Guest Posts
    • Profile Backlinks
    • Infographic Submission
    • Article Directories
    • Bookmarks
    • Visual Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing

    Believe me, if you are applying these tactics in proper way then you will see amazing boost in your search engine ranking and massive traffic.

    And finally, the Monetization Strategies

    Ultimately, you are ready to start your blog and bring massive traffic towards your blog. But how to monetize it! How can you earn money online through your blog in 2022? Well, here are some pro tips for you so that you can start earning through your blog:

    • Sponsor Some Product, Service or Website: You can review some product or service on your blog relevant to your niche, and you will get paid for it. But make sure that you have already used the product or service, and your review is genuine. It’s necessary to maintain your blog’s reputation.
    • Promote Your Own Skills: Have you got some creative skills that you can sell online? Well, you can promote your creative skills through your blog. Since you have good exposure and traffic, you can earn good through freelancing online.
    • Paid Guides and Tutorials: Here, you have to develop the tutorials and guides for your visitors, and you can sell them to your audience. Even more, you can develop an exclusive online course and sell it online on your blog and earn passive income.
    • Joining Ad Networks: In this method, you have to place the ads of advertising networks on your blog, and you get paid either for CPC or CPM. These networks are good, but earning is not as good as other methods. But still, it was worth it because you only have to place the ads on the side column of your blog and that’s it.
    • Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you can make the most through the traffic you have on your blog. Here, even a single sale can bring massive $$$ for you. And that is why affiliate marketing is the best monetization method. But setting up things for affiliate marketing isn’t that easy; therefore, you have to learn about the affiliate marketing before you get into it.

    Well, that’s it. I hope you have gain ample knowledge about how to setup a blog and earn money through the blog in 2022.

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