How to Advertise Effectively with Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is a great way to reach the right people at the right time. It provides traffic on demand. If you need instant results, try Google AdWords because you could start getting traffic as soon as your ad campaign goes live.

    Not getting enough visitors to your website? Try, Google AdWords. It is a great online advertising program that helps you reach the right people at the right time.

    With Google AdWords, you don’t need to work hard to get to the top of the search results. In fact, you simply bypass the results by placing an ad for your product or service with Google.

    It provides quick results. But you have a price to pay. And sometimes, the budget for an ad campaign run with Google AdWords can be really expensive. But all said and done, AdWords does one thing pretty effectively and that is driving traffic to your website.

    Dig in a little more to see how you can advertise effectively using Google AdWords and boost your website traffic.

    Why Google AdWords

    Google’s PPC (Pay-per-click) online advertising program offers you many benefits over traditional online advertising.

    Reach Right People at the Right Time

    When people search for something, Google shows a page full of search results. But that is not all that Google displays for a keyword. It also displays a set of ads directly above and next to the search results.

    Placing an ad with Google increases the odds that people who matter for your business reaches it by clicking on your ad.

    Connect with Local or Global Audience

    By using Google AdWords you can target local users restricted to a country, region, city or within a specific distance from your business location. Or, you can decide to target global audience, spanning across nations.

    No Joining Fee, No Contracts

    Google does not charge you anything for AdWords. Besides, there are no contracts of any type. You join and leave at your discretion.

    Pay Only when you get a Website Visitor

    You are not required to pay money for simply displaying your ad with Google AdWords. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad or call your number to visit your website.

    Real Time, Round the Clock Statistics

    You can log in to your AdWords account to check various statistics. Find out which ads are working and which are not. You can also pause and resume your ad campaign for free any time you like. This provides you full control over your ad campaign.

    There are many tracking tools as well that show you real numbers that matter. These statistics will help you find out what’s working and what isn’t.

    Beyond Desktop

    You can never predict how your target audience is going to search for you. They may use a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Google is available across all these platforms, so your ad will always be available regardless of the device your target audience uses.

    Help and Support

    Google is always there to help you out. You can call Google for free expert setup and support. Or, you can manage your campaign on your own using Google’s repository of tools and resources.

    How Google AdWords Ads Work

    Google AdWords ads work in three steps:

    1. You create an ad
      It all begins by creating an ad for your offer. Tell people what is that you are offering them. After that, choose the keywords for which you want to make your ad show in the search results. Next, set a daily budget. And, that is all. Your ad is all set to go live and get displayed on Google.
    2. People see your ad on Google
      When people search for something and their search words match with the keywords you specified in your ad, your ad will be displayed above or next to the search results.
    3. They click your ad
      If people think what you are offering is valuable, they click your ad or call you directly.

    The BIGGEST advantage of using Google AdWords is that you only pay Google when someone visits your website or calls you directly.

    5 Google AdWords Tips to Improve your ROI

    Use these tips to improve your ROI on your AdWords campaigns.

    1. Establish a clear purpose for your ad.
      If you are not sure why you are putting up an ad, you cannot get the desired results. Every ad serves a purpose and you must know what the purpose of your ad is. Is it helping people buy something? Is it asking people to complete a survey? Is it there to make people ring your number? With a clear purpose, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your ads.
    2. Write for your target audience.
      Always target the right customer with your ad. Follow the AIDA principle (attention, interest, desire and action). Quickly grab customer’s Attention, raise their Interest, prove to your customers that they Desire your product or service, and then lead your customer towards taking the Action you want them to take. Some people recommend following the AIDAS principle where the S stands for Satisfaction, which means that you provide total satisfaction to a customer that purchases something from your website.
    3. Do not mislead customers.
      Creating misleading ads is a recipe for disaster. When you make false promises, you frustrate customers and lose them. Besides, a frustrated customer tells others about how you treated them.
    4. Monitor your campaigns and tweak them whenever necessary.
      Monitoring your ad campaign is a great way to find out what is working and what is not working. You cannot beat a dead horse. If an ad is not working, rewrite it, changing or rephrasing benefits and using a different call to action. You can adjust AdWords settings any time you like. So keep tweaking your ads to get the best results. Pause keywords or ads that have low click-through rates. Similarly, weed out obsolete keywords.
    5. Leverage the power of Google Remarketing.
      Remarketing is a great way to show ads to people who have visited to your website before. With Remarketing, you can connect with these people by showing relevant ads as they browse other websites.

    [pull_quote_center]Bonus Tip: Test your ad before anything else.
    You should do this almost immediately after creating an ad. Click your ad to see where it takes you. If it lands you to a page you don’t want your customers to go, edit your ad and fix the URL.[/pull_quote_center]

    How to Write Magnetic Ads

    Writing an effective Google ad takes practice. It’s not easy, even for professionals to write a compelling Google ad.

    As Jim Rohn, a business philosopher points out, “Don’t wish it was easier – wish you were better.”

    You must be willing to spend some time writing, testing and rewriting your ads to get better at writing those perfect ads that beat other ads around. We’ll have a closer look at the nitty-gritty in a while, but first let’s have a look at the basics of an AdWords ad.

    Google allows you 130 characters (including spaces) in an ad, a total of 4 lines of 25, 35, 35 and 35 characters to make an offer. By the way, the previous sentence contains exactly 130 characters (including the period).

    You must target the right people through your ads, compelling them to choose your ads over other ads and even the organic results.

    So what does it take to write an impressive ad that attracts people and make them take the action you want?

    Include these 3 things in your ad:

    1. Features
    2. Benefits
    3. Call to action

    Your ad should highlight the main features of your product or service. This could be the unique selling proposition of your service. It could also be a specific feature of a product.

    People really don’t care about the unique features of product. They care for WIIFM or what’s in it for me? Therefore, you must tell your customers the benefits that your product or service provides them.

    Your ad must show a clear call to action. It is the action you want your customer to take. It can be anything right from buying something to giving you a call to subscribing your newsletter, etc.

    You should focus on bringing in the right kind of traffic, not just the maximum possible traffic.

    7 Tips to Write Magnetic Ads

    Follow these tips to create terrific Google AdWords ads.

    • Tell people what makes your product or service better than the rest.
    • Help people take the action you want them to take by including appropriate call to action.
    • Don’t forget to include at least one of your keywords in your ad.
    • Introduce special promos and offers in your ads.
    • Include action verbs in your ad copy, especially in the headline and call to action.
    • If you have more than one great ads, run them simultaneously to see which one brings in more traffic. Keep the one that brings more traffic and discard the other.
    • Do not mislead customers. When your ad sets expectations your website doesn’t meet, people leave your website within nanoseconds besides costing you money for the click.

    Next Step

    It’s time to harness the power of Google AdWords. Instant, qualified traffic is only moments away. Register for an AdWords account today and get ready to generate torrents of traffic to your website.

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