How Indian affiliate market will do in the year of 2015?

    Experts have made an estimate that the e-commerce industry in India has rose to $12.6 billion in the year 2013 which is a great improvement from the 2009’s $3.8 billion. The consumer base of the Indian market is expected to touch 100 million people next year which is a whopping figure when compared to the 35 million recorded in 2014.

    This based on the reports offered by the Annual online Shopping Growth Trends Report of Google along with the collaboration of Forrester Research. Considering the ripples created by Indian market in affiliate marketing, it is well evident that affiliate marketing would be a game changer for all online brands and businesses.

    Infographics that support

    Based on the report of CMO Council India, the expenses of digital advertisements are expected to rise by 35%, which is more than 507.41 million in US$ that was spent in the year 2013.

    This indicates that the spending in digital ads have been a proportionate rise from 28% during the year 2012 to 30% of 2013 to a 35% last year.

    Apart from the e-commerce websites like Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart and others that have affiliate programs spending a huge sum on their digital ads each year, other sites have also followed suit to make it big in online sector.

    The scope of Indian Affiliate marketing

    In a nutshell, the infographic shows that a major portion of the traffic enjoyed by online shopping sites attributes directly to the rise in affiliate marketing. Hence it is now important to decipher the future of Indian affiliate market.

    • When compared with the old advertising methods, the ROI is now measurable as the commission over each sale is fixed. This indicates that the payment would be made only on a successful deal made by a consumer which makes Indian affiliate market face a win win situation.
    • To cost of acquiring the consumers is much low when compared with other modes used for similar purpose. This makes online businesses to enjoy better lead generation and stay attractive.
    • The return of affiliate markets are much high than the ones enjoyed by the campaigns of digital marketing which makes it highly beneficial as it needs very low investment.
    • Affiliate marketing has become the preference of many since it improves the processes involves in building a brand. In addition, it leads to unprecedented amounts of e-commerce business and web traffic to brands. The sales and use of coupons also gathers momentum.
    • The measurable feature of affiliate marketing makes it very clear for the online shopping sites and brands. This is because this form of marketing makes it very clear about the inclinations and buyers’ purchasing tendencies.
    • In today’s world the consumers are understanding, analyzing and learning more about the products that they wish to buy, which makes it an important long term benefits for the enterprise.

    With such a scope in the long run for e-businesses, it is true that affiliate market would have a slow yet steady growth in India this year.

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    1. As increasing of growth in E-commerce. Affiliate marketing Gives a solid track to publishers and advertiser well to get countable $$$ Sale for them. Keep Writing on Affiliate Program. I am Working with CJ and Click bank wonderful experience with them

    2. Nice Info graphic, I think before choosing affiliate marketing you should have enough knowledge about this and must understand the business how it’s work. Then you can earn a sound money.‏

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