How Google sees and stands with the future of SEO

    It wouldn’t be much of speaking, Calling Google a synonym of SEO! Folks have witnessed how SEO uplifted from deep down the earth to a real world.

    In the beginning, Webmasters were not allowed to interact with search engine optimization.  Their role was only to submit the sitemaps to search engines.

    Dramatically, a late entry made in the year 1998 became a popular search engine, Google. From the very beginning, Google has given a new name to search engines optimization. They were more into future and this is why they are still the first choice for everyone.

    Future belongs to those who are prepared for it today!

    Google is shifting gears

    Google is shifting gearsThe drastic change in using the internet has not arrived overnight. People have preferred mobile devices as a primary source to browse and search than the desktop.

    Mind you, the traffic received from a source from social sites and apps is competing with the total number of traffic, a search engine receives.

    Thus, a sheer number of sites approximately over 1 trillion (more to come), and the rise of the social media has become a nightmare to search engine like Google.

    Google is already signalling that a mobile friendly website is the highest priority website.

    Automatic object detection

    It sounds odd for a while! How possibly can a computer develop a vision? But the fact is, Google will be heading in upcoming years.

    Google is developing a technique for image processing that would be its vision for the images.

    This matter is intriguing for webmasters and site owners. The outcome cannot be altered since the image recognition will provide an enhanced weapon to a ranking factor.

    This can’t be a shady technique, though, but yes, will bring a new era for a search engine like Google.

    HTTPS a New ranking factor

    HTTPS a New ranking factorGoogle is planting enforcement into the “secure searches” and if you happen to make a search in Google recently, you might discover it is using HTTPS be the default.

    The recent post in Official Google webmaster blog clearly stated that they are busy encouraging webmasters and site owners to use HTTPS.

    It seems they have planned to prioritize websites those uses HTTPS. It also can be one of the important factors in near future to count as a ranking factor.

    Losing keywords data

    As we have discussed lately, Google moved a bit ahead with organic secure searches. It’s not breaking news, though!

    There are numbers of reasons to be count and execute, and it will be cumbersome for many webmasters and SEO enthusiasts.

    This will be a pain in the ass for those who have been engaged in optimizing their website for the relevant keywords. Also to those who developed their website and SEO strategies on the ground of keywords.

    A sudden change may see incline or an overall change to the conventional search engine optimization process. But the future is all near and keyword data is hardly going to come by.

    Google will still stand with the temporary changes

    Google is still working hard with the Google authorship program and this might be the one reason why the social signals will not live longer.

    With various projects being executed, Google taking the “Google-Twitter” partnership program in hath. This also progresses to the entirely new concept that running under the Google table.

    Google is not only taking Google+ as a challenge but also external data from other parties because these may not be a reliable source of information. Of course, false data like rumours are on the go over various social sites that deal with Google search results too!

    In-depth articles

    Despite all, Google lately announced the release of in-depth articles. 10% of user’s information comes from the various sources and Google is ready to deal with this challenge.

    This also may lead to consider entirely new changes over the search engine ranking positioning system algorithms.

    Probably, it brings a new graph of author rank and publisher rank. A lot more to be gained from here but since nothing came into existence, virtually it is a complicated state.

    Nevertheless, it may become one of the ranking factors some day but the drastic change can be very dangerous, after all!

    In the matter of fact, factors like keywords and PageRank already fade away and changing demands is the major concept of Google. That is why it has a sustainable position among the various competitors over the past few decades.

    Not much of expectations to see it overrule some day or a permanent breakthrough. Stand steady to see coming more of it!

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    1. I am looking forward to see the object detection. I am in 3D programming and know it can be achieved. If that comes, Google really will take a new challenge.

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