How does Affiliate Marketing Work

    Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money by referring people to a merchant website via your website. In other words, you get paid for marketing other people’s stuff.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of making money online.

    It’s a simple concept where you (as an affiliate) get paid for referring customers to a merchant website.

    In lieu of that, you get some commission.

    If your website receives plenty of traffic, you should raise the roof and attract merchants who are interested in promoting their products or services on your website.

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    How Affiliate Marketing Works

    Affiliate marketing is a relationship between three parties: merchant, affiliate and consumer.

    Here’s a scenario that will simplify the process of affiliate marketing.

    Let’s pretend that you (the affiliate) own a website. You have signed up for an affiliate program with Scott (the merchant) who sells office supplies. You have carefully displayed merchant ads on your website, using affiliate links wherever required. It’s a beautiful day and Sarah (the consumer) visits your website.

    Sarah clicks the affiliate link to visit Scott’s website. A cookie is stored on Sarah’s computer.

    Sarah purchases something from Scott’s website. At checkout, Scott checks for the affiliate cookie on Sarah’s computer and logs a credit for the sales commission as per policies.

    Scott keeps a report of every purchase initiated from your website and at the end of a payment cycle shows it to you and sends you affiliate payments.

    The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its simplicity and the fact that it is super effective at generating passive income.

    Top 4 Reasons to Become an Affiliate

    Looking for reasons to become an affiliate? Here are top four reasons why affiliate marketing is one of the best money making opportunities online.

    • Low start up costs
      Being an affiliate does not cost you a fortune. Starting up a regular business may cost you thousands of dollars because you need space and products to sell. As an affiliate, you just need a website with some traffic and off you go. These days setting up a website does not cost much, at least not thousands of dollars.
    • You do not need to be an expert for affiliate marketing
      You do not need a professional degree to start affiliate marketing. All you need to know is promote the right products to the right people. If you are enthusiastic about learning, we have plenty of free affiliate marketing resources for you that will turn you into an expert affiliate in no time.
    • Great source of passive income
      Affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income. It’s like earning profits by renting out your space. You keep tenants and keep earning money from them month after month.
    • You can work your own hours
      Affiliate marketing lets you choose the work hours that suit you. You don’t need to get up early in the morning to reach office on time. There are no huddles and meetings. There are no traffic jams. In fact, you become your own boss.

    Expected Profits from Affiliate Marketing

    The amount of money that you can make with affiliate marketing depends on you.

    Affiliate marketing involves some serious profits. There are people who are earning thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions month after month.

    How are they able to earn so much?

    It’s because they are serious about their craft.

    Each and every time they sit down in front of their computers, they are determined to give their best. They keep enhancing their knowledge and learning from their failures in order to become successful affiliates.

    Above all, they choose to promote the right products to the right people.

    There is plenty of money available in affiliate marketing, just focus on promoting products that provide handsome affiliate commissions.

    Next Steps

    You are just a few clicks away from becoming a successful affiliate. Simply choose from the top Indian affiliate programs listed here and start earning passive income by becoming an affiliate. If you have some marketing experience, it’s great, but if you lack it, just refer to our free learning resources for beginner affiliates to enhance your marketing knowledge and skills.

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