Google Panda 4.0 update rocks the shore

    Google Panda 4.0
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    Matt Cutts tweet about latest Google Panda 4.0 update rocked the online shore yesterday which led to various speculations about how the update will have an effect on SEO practices. There were reports earlier this month that some kind of update is all set to roll out soon which of course Google denied.

    The Update Details

    The Panda Algorithm by Google has been designed in a way to stop poor and copied content’s entry into the Google top results. Although there have been regular updates on the same platform, it is believed that Panda update 4.0 is something to take in more seriously as Google has been tinkering with all existing updates for quite some time now before coming out with the latest 4.0 which is speculated to be one level above the real algorithm as opposed to simple data refresh.

    Too early to speculate Results

    Google, by far, has not disclosed any specific details to the latest Google Panda update 4.0 and all speculations so far is because of Matt Cutts tweet on Twitter. It’s too early to predict how the update will affect the ongoing SEO process for which detailed update guidelines shall be required.

    All in all, it is to be noted that Google Panda update 4.0 is a major update pertaining to the process of website identification and classification, a much needed step, along with deeper crawling with more site-specificity. The update will have to be closely watched to know the detail about its pros and cons on the Google world.

    Till then Stay tuned!

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