Google: Get Ready for the Panda Update

    For those of you eagerly waiting for news on the latest update of the Google Panda, well there is some good news, according to Google, the update is due soon. At the SMX Advanced conference on Tuesday, their spokesperson, Gary IIIyes has said, that the Panda refresh which has been due for some time is going to be released.

    Though he has not specified a time, Gary has told that it is due in a few weeks time. It could be one or four weeks. The exact time frame has not been told. Webmasters will want to take note of the fact that this is not an algorithm update. When the algorithm is updated it affects the rankings of the website.

    But this is just few changes performed on the signals of Panda. It is similar to the Panda 4.0 where the data of the algorithm is just refreshed. There is a minor difference between algorithm and data. Google cannot predict how bad or good will the new changes are for websites.

    After the new version is released and depending on how websites have been affected. Google wants to make it clear that this is not a change in the algorithm, but only data referred. This means that websites which have been doing badly under the current Panda may do well with these changes in the data.

    Gary has also said that the search engine firm wants to keep the data fresh and does not want to keep updating frequently to disrupt the websites. The algorithm needs manual updates several times as it cannot run by itself.  As far the Penguin goes, Gary did not mention any updates that are bound to happen for now.

    It may happen in the future. The Penguin update happened few months ago and the updates will keep happening indefinitely.


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