Google AdSense Now Supports Hindi Language

    Got a Hindi blog or website? Use it to earn profits with AdSense as Google has once again added Hindi language support to AdSense.

    Google AdSense for Hindi websites and blogs is back. And it’s better than ever.

    Earlier it was not possible to earn profits from a website or blog whose content was written primarily in Hindi.

    Sometime in 2008, Google stopped supporting Hindi language in AdSense all of a sudden and left everybody surprised. Thankfully, it’s back and now Hindi bloggers and websites can make money using AdSense.

    How to Use AdSense on a Hindi Blog or Website

    Using AdSense for a Hindi blog or website is easy. Just register for AdSense and during the application process, select your website or blog’s primary language as Hindi. Once your application is approved, your website or blog will start displaying relevant ads automatically.

    If your website or blog hosts content in multiple languages, AdSense will automatically pick up relevant ads.

    Is Hindi AdSense Just a Fad

    Hindi AdSense is a great way to earn money using blogs and websites with content written primarily in Hindi.

    But before a blog or website can start providing good returns, it must receive a good amount of visitors.

    This requires effort, time, discipline and a good content marketing strategy.

    Luckily we have got all that covered for you as here you can find a ton of free resources to become a success affiliate marketer.

    By the way, only a handful of good quality Hindi blogs and websites are available on the Internet. Most of them are below par. They either contain some poems or personal memoirs or they contain articles on topics that do not belong on their blogs. In other words, the odds are in your favour. If you can build a high quality Hindi blog or website you can make a lot of money with AdSense in Hindi.

    AdSense Support for Hindi: Why Google Stopped and Resumed It

    The official reasons are known only to Google. Yet, online research and analysis suggests that Google stopped AdSense support for Hindi because it was not making money from Hindi websites and blogs.

    Back in 2008, Hindi blogs and websites were not providing a good return on investment to Google. So it stopped allowing AdSense on Hindi blogs and website unless they had good page authority.

    But in 2014, Google has resumed its support for Hindi language in the AdSense program. Perhaps the rising popularity of Hindi blogs and websites has made Google take this action. Perhaps it just could not ignore increasing popularity of Hindi websites, personal blogs, news websites, videos, e-books and the rising number of people using Hindi to communicate online. Google is seeing great profits in Hindi websites and that is why it has started supporting Hindi in AdSense one more time.

    Whatever the reasons, it is definitely a great opportunity to make money online.

    What’s Next

    It’s time to register your Hindi blog or website with Google AdSense and start making money. If you do not own a blog or website yet, create one now and take the first step towards making money with AdSense.

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