Give a boost to your banner ads by increasing the CTR

    A campaign with banner advertisement can bring about a great success to a business when the online visitors click on the advertisement and visit the website.

    If a website is properly designed and presents everything what is being searched, the conversion rates will be higher. It is a fact that every marketer has a variety of goal; however the true assessment of whether a particular campaign can give failure or success often depends on the number of people who click on your banner creative. In other words, the click through rate possibly determines the success of the campaign. It is because if the click through rate is higher, it can lead to better sales.

    Here, you can find some steps through which the CTR can be increased.

    Step #1

    When you notice an amazing movie aren’t you eager to see the entire film? You may do the same in case of advertising. You should prepare a number of banner ads to promote to your different demographics. It is a fact that the younger individuals may give response to certain kinds of ads more eagerly than that of the older individuals.

    Recognize your target spectators and find out what fascinates them visually and also what can create a response more promptly.

    Check your campaign whether you decide to operate it across a huge network. The expenditure is substantial while launching a very large operation. So, you should take this approach only on few websites before spreading across the whole network of sites.

    Step #2

    Vary your advertisements, and do not stick with merely a single pattern of ads. You should prepare more than one version of similar advertisements for the same targeted spectators. At times, a slight alteration can improve CTR considerably.

    Moreover, look at the response to the different dimensions and colors of advertisements. This part needs some intuition and skill; however, varying the posters and having some replacements prepared for non-performers may increase your click through rates.

    Step #3

    If you are a serious advertiser, you will keep your eye on the data and records. The job of a campaign manager is mainly to determine the ads, which are performing best and which are not doing so well. If any ad does not give the expected performance, then it should instantly be replaced with the other one, which will perform well.

    Step #4

    Make use of some unique sizes or shapes of your banner ads in order to beat the users’ ad blindness and raise the CTR. Ads that have drop down windows and are also interactive may aid to boost user response and the CTR.

    Step #5

    Call-to-action is also very important in a banner advertisement. A call-to-action banner content is accepted in advertising, regardless of the media that is utilized. Engaging a customer and generating a need are now not enough. So, you must also tempt the visitor to click. Do you know that every customer wants to get something free? You can use the term like- Limited supplies or free trial. These terms can provoke them to take some action.

    Step #6

    Keep away from unreceptive banner ads. Generally, the banner advertisements are placed on a range of websites; however, the owner of the site still has the option of making a decision on whether the ad is to be accepted.

    Banner ads, which are annoying or excessively flashy, will not get the exposure as many sites will not exhibit them. Moreover, unfriendly or aggressive advertisements infuriate the user and so, these are less effective.

    Lastly, you need to make certain that the minimum requirements of the clients’ daily click are being met.

    Essential steps to amplify CTR on your banner ads

    There are certain important steps with the help of which CTR on your banner ads can be increased to a great extent, if followed properly. What you just have to do is to get yourself familiar with the latest and relevant updates.


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    1. This post is very intensely written and broadly expended. I just started to use Google Adsense, One thing what I felt about adsense that If your traffic is low from search engine then it would be a big problem for you they can deactivate your account. Therefore most of people have left it.

    2. Google did not pay millions of publisher, I have infinite proofs, most of time google give the bogus traffic, false clicks, through their own clicking system. They frauds millions dollar with publishers. Google simply cheating with the publisher and advertiser.

    3. I completly disagree with you whatever you said about google adsense, being a blogger I think there are no another Ad programe like Google Adsense. I have started blogging almost 3 years ago and I wrote only 20 articles on my blog, my blog was’nt a good blog in terms of design, blog navigation, and content. I was thinking that, If i use Adsense then I could get a sound amount. But my method did’nt work at all. Several time I applied for Google Adsense but they declined my requisition. Then I realised that my blog wasn’t up to the mark, I need to put more effort on that to increase traffic. So I think Google is quite fare.

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