Future of Mobile Affiliate marketing looks good

    According to some reports, 30% of all sales made on Cyber Monday were made via mobile phones and we assume that by 2015 mobile searches will beat the searches from any other device. With the rise in smart phone users, it is the right time for marketers to look at Mobile marketing as a good way of making money but one should understand its workings.

    Affiliate marketers in India are looking at this option as users in India have started using cell phones to access internet and the figures are growing exponentially.

    Different ways to promote through Mobiles for Affiliates

    Text Marketing: Sending text messages is considered to be a very good option to spread your message. This is important as users are available on mobile 24X7 as compared to laptop wherein a user is not logged in all the time.

    That is why mobiles are better when it comes to market your product but one should also keep in mind the TRAI(Telephone Regulatory Authority of India) have some strict guidelines about sending bulk SMS for marketing purpose and if they abide by the law and do what is required, even then they can mint a lot of money. We are appalled by the results of this method of promotion.

    Robotic calls: It is a growing trend and it has been a great success over the years. But the question is how it is done and what its profitability is. Robotic calls are recorded messages which are sent to mobile phones with action. It is routed back to the call center and you can get paid if the user initiate a conversation and makes a sale. Initially it was used by the political parties during the election to spread their agenda in the election.

    Ad words: All search engines understand the big muscle of mobile and they all have ad words wherein Affiliates can bid on keywords and as compared to online version, these clicks are available at cheaper rates.

    Display ads: There are tons of mobile publishers who have applications on mobile phones and they are getting lots of traffic. You can promote products through your app to other websites. Mobile users also visit websites from mobile phones but in order to make sure that visitors have a good experience; publishers should make the website which is more compatible and easy to use when being visited from cell phones.

    How you get paid?

    Promotion is easy as there are lots of iPhone, Android and Blackberry in the Indian market now and you can reach the audiences real quick. Now the question arises that how one can convert that traffic in to money? You can generate calls for business and earn through pay per call.

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