Fresh Content Marketing Strategies in 2016

    It’s the New Year coming once again and while there are a lot more emerging possibilities for Online Marketing round the corner, the coming year also encourages all of us to set fresh and novel resolutions for a better course of action. While most of these promises made to ourselves will eventually slip off our mind by the end of January, some of the strongest among us will stick to their commitments and strive to make 2016 their best year yet.

    After reviewing few comprehensive reports and analyses about upcoming Content Marketing Trends for 2016, we have found some key areas where big changes are required. Here we are about to discuss the top drifts in these Key Areas that you should take into account while setting up your new year resolution to reach the zenith of Content Marketing.

    The Quality of Your Content

    According to the recent studies made in Q4 of 2015, Google’s Algorithm Updates will be rewarding the Content on the basis of its value for the readers rather than those unsolicited tactics used by Content Marketers to get the audiences. To touch the bigger market proportion, you must follow these ground rules.

    • Avoid traditional SEO Tactics like Excessive Linking or Stuffing Keywords into your content.
    • Work on the Worth of the Content for the Readers.
    • Focus on creating high-quality content that engages the Audience.
    • Deliver consistent value to see success in SEO and Content Marketing Efforts, as a whole.

    Necessity to create an Excellent and Valuable Article

    With the increasing use of Ad blockers by the users, the Content Marketers are facing much more pressure as now they have to create the Content that delivers more value to the people. Taken in account, the Algorithm Updates alone were enough challenging to improve the quality of Content, whereas the rise in ad blockers will definitely push the Content Writers to work hard so the content itself can earn a place in front of readers.

    Usually, the internet spaces were bought with the availability or scope of native ads or sponsored content however; in the upcoming year, the marketers should have to create content that’s truly engaging. In other scenarios, this is better for everyone because it will ultimately make the content superior in quality and interesting to read.

    Rationalized Team Structure

    If you are planning to recruit a strong Content Team, this time you have to look for more than just writers. The purpose of Content Team will now extend beyond just creating a content for websites, and that’s why the team members must have the responsibilities beyond writing.

    With the time, there will come a regular need of Content Editors, Content Strategist and Distribution Specialists; and so will arise the requirement of Team Members who have the experience of making and implementing successful strategies. This will also help you while:

    • Creating Fantastic Content for Readers
    • Aligning the Content with your Business Strategy
    • Targeting the Appropriate Audience
    • Publication and Distribution over the internet

    Brainstorming Sessions for Business Development

    It’s now essential for effective Content Teams to frequently meet and discuss various ideas. According to the information shared by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) within its annual B2B Content Marketing Report, more than 60% of the most prominent Content Teams meet at least once every week and that makes sense too.

    There has to be regular communication among all the members of a marketing team as well as with other departments such as Sales or Account Management which keeps everyone accountable for managing different projects, testing new procedures and effectively monitoring the overall progress.

    Harmonizing with the Technology

    Use of some Proprietary Technology will radically improve the quality and creation process of your content. Again as mentioned in the CMI reports, 88% of B2B Marketers use Content Marketing and a number of open resources are now available to help them create a better content much faster and cheaper.

    A much expected change in 2016 that will affect this percentage, is investing in Customized Proprietary Technology and moving away from open-to-use tools. With such evolution, various new organizations are coming into the Market that allow people to create, distribute and analyze content in a precise and streamlined manner.

    The Bottom Line

    Content Creation Software organize everything from Knowledge Extraction to enabling Collaboration among Internal Teams and Clients or Data Analysis on specific articles. Furthermore, this helps improve the quality of content and the processes used to create it. We expect a lot more companies following the same approach in future.

    Also, a modern and organized Content Team will make your business grow much faster in scheduled time. The combination of Top Quality Software and an Efficient Work Force will certainly deliver the best of the Content.

    And now, when you and your team must be planning to sit down and start a conversation over the Content Marketing Resolutions for 2016, we hope you will keep these points in mind for a successful new year. All the Best!


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