Facebook Making its Way in to Mobile Marketing

Facebook Mobile

Facebook is becoming one of the reasons why people use Mobile phones as it has been seen that a lot of people are making less number of calls and using their phones just to check the updates from friends and family. Social media giant, Facebook, has changed the way the communication use to work in only a few years. The communication pattern has changed and so has the business marketing rules.

People are now using their cell phones to surf net and not their laptops as cell phones give an edge on the latter. One can surf internet while on-the-move which, at times, is not feasible with the laptops. With Facebook people get o know where people are and what they are doing and hence acts a convenient mode of communication.

Now the question is how to use Facebook for the benefit of one’s business. For example you are running a small restaurant which is open for certain period of time in a day and offers some typical cuisine. Creating a Facebook page for your restaurant will help you reach many people at one time as people, entering your restaurant, will definitely search your page on Facebook to check in.

Once they check in, your restaurant automatically reaches the person’s friend list. Indirectly you connect with many with one single check in. As per the recent studies when people are checking Facebook updates at least 14 times a day, if you aren’t present on the website you are losing a large number of clients.

There are many ways you can advertise on Facebook; you can share and promote your Facebook post and you can also buy advertisements, also called as stamp ads.

At the end if you are an affiliate marketer and would like to target FB ads, there is no better time than now. In India, affiliate marketers have started using Facebook to generate leads; however they still have a mile to go before they perfect the art.

There are many small businesses in India which have opted to advertise on Facebook and as with the growing trend and traffic on the site; this method to get more people to buy your products is second to none.


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