Clixgalore Still Hanging There


    Clixgalore is not much of a known network and it is hanging there from quite a while now. There is not much to write about the network however if you are looking for unique offers as most of the Indian ad networks offer then Clixgalore does give out some fresh air for the same.

    This network has plenty of offers from different domains and the best part is that you can choose from a variety of model depending on the traffic you get on the website and accordingly you can pick or drop the offer.

    If you are worried about the conversion of the website then you can always go for the CPM offers and if you have matching domain than that of an advertisers then you should definitely go for CPA or revenue share which will give you more payouts in the long run. It is a network for those merchants who are looking for instant traffic.

    Unique services

    Clixglalore has some unique services which no other platform provides to its advertisers. You can also provide them a list of affiliates which you want them to recruit for you and they are going to do the hard work for you to get them on board.

    You get robust tracking and you can always include yourself with your updated promotions on the monthly newsletter. The staff is pretty friendly and supportive which you would always need as an advertiser and publisher.

    You can also set geo targeting for your traffic and the best part about the network is that they give out their product data feed which not many network gives unless it is CJ, Linkshare or shareasale. These networks only offer services for the maintaining of your brand value.

    At the end we would say the network deserves a chance to do business with. But you have to check and be vigilant as in the world of internet there are lot complaints.

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