Buying an Old Spam Domain for Cheap or Start Fresh?

    In Matt Cutt’s latest video, it is clearly stated by him that you should not go for a domain which has done lot of spamming in the past as it may have negative reputation and cleaning up the mess would be a task on hand. On the other hand, if the domain has some good rankings.

    On the other hand you can consider that the Spam domain may have some good rankings on other search engines, the bulk traffic coming from Google, you need to mug up all what Google may consider being ‘spam’.

    How you can clean the domain?

    Get rid of bad links

    Spam domains are mostly used by the black hat SEOs where they get rankings for the time being. Once done they sell it for some extra cash as they cannot use it further. In most of the cases, the domain would have a lot of bad inbound links from thousands of sites which help to get the ranking in no time.

    Now, in order to get rid of these bad links you have to do two things:

    • One, you can contact all the webmasters to take the links out of the website
    • Second, you will have to use the new tool of Google by disavowing the links for your website

    Initially, while opting for the first method, you will have to do lot of work and you can’t be 100% sure whether the webmaster, who has placed the link, will remove it. However this is the recommended way to take out the links which may be giving negative ranking to your website. The second method is wait and watch as once you put in a request; you have to wait for the crawler to crawl the website.

    Write fresh and unique content

    Black hat marketers may rotate the content to make it look fresh. This content may look good for a while but you can be rest assured that this content will not last for a very long time and the site will get penalized for sure. What you can do is, you can add new content to the website which will bring lot of freshness along with the rankings.

    Advantages of the Fresh domain:

    A fresh domain would not have any negativity attached to it. Although it entails a lot of hard work, the results would be consistent and for a long time. Just use this method and work hard to get the rankings via SEO and you’ll surely be benefitted in the long run.

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