Attracting the Right Customer for your business

    The Online Business World is solely based on the attention of people we get. The economy that is dependent on the number of visitors, is usually restricted and uncommon in nature.

    And therefore, if you really want the maximum of online customers paying attention to your business; you have to work hard and eventually earn it.

    Right Customers are Adequate for Business

    Nowadays, most of the businesses focus only on converting solid prospects into customers however; it’s equally important to identify which ones are not a good fit to your business and avoid them.

    I know, this often seems little awkward and you must be thinking, “I have a wonderful product! Everyone must like it. Why should I stop people from buying it?”

    Hold On! This is what we are talking here. It’s not about attracting all the population. I am sure you don’t want to waste your resources and time to build relations with inapt people for your business. It’s emotionally arduous too.

    A Perfect Marketing Strategy is what we need

    Marketing StrategyTo draw the interest of bigger number of right customers online and repel the inappropriate ones, the most vital thing is a solid marketing strategy.

    Today, I will tell you three secret ways to drive back the wrong customers so you can attract the right ones.

    • Be Clear and Sturdy about Yourself: To give your brand a unique identity, nothing helps you more than a strong tone of voice. If you express your views through the content on your website or any marketing content you produce like social profile pages; you must indicate what you are like rather than who you are. You must have read certain “About Us” pages where companies use edgy and nerdy language to describe themselves. I feel it’s the most honest self-demonstration that attracts customers who think alike.
    • Don’t hide! Tell the complete Story! Don’t give it a weird look. I know you are honest and straightforward to your customers. What I mean here is giving some additional details about your business and being unusually transparent with your marketing content can increase the credibility of your brand in the market. If you dare to spotlight your weaknesses in front of your customers, especially those which are related to your competitors, you might earn trust and respect of more customers.
    • Let the Elephant Speak: We all give reasons under the FAQ or on different pages of our site to who cannot be a successful client for our business. Although if we also point out why we cannot be a perfect supplier for some people and tell reasons why someone might not want to work with us; it can work wonders in some situations.

    everyone’s favoriteAre you everyone’s favorite?

    Marcus Sheridan, the proud owner of renowned marketing consultancy TSL (The Sales Lion) once mentioned, “There is no such thing as one size fits all well”.

    The same ideology goes on with customers as well. Think of the factors and qualities that can make someone a bad fit for your business and then device a plan to repel those people.

    Trust me, it’s not that difficult as it seems. In fact, you might just find yourself utilizing more of your time focusing on customers who matter the most for your business rather than drearily spinning your wheels for everyone.

    Using “You” instead of “We” can be more connecting

    When you choose words to create some catchy content for your website, make sure those words also offer valuable information to visitors and helps them get the answers for their search.

    Instead of writing the common facts about your business or using discounts to sell your products, try to describe your products and services in a way that establishes your position as an expert.

    Using lots of “you” and less “we”, can define your business as a solution to the problem the consumer might be having. It doesn’t require many adjustments to be made; all you need to do is remain conscious of your approach.

    Think apart from sale sometimes

    I know, it’s not easy to digest this statement, especially when most of us earn our living through sales; if not as a whole, at least a significant part of it for sure.

    You might be thinking how this can benefit your business? Let me explain that for you…

    Generally, when we keep on shouting about prices and products; the customer loses interest because all they see is, we doing attempts to sell and not to help them fulfill their needs.

    The common perception generated from such tactics is either we are desperate to crack a sale or we are only interested in what good you can do to our business right now.

    The trick is to come up with some engaging content, articles and quality features that make your site indispensable. Once you have gained the trust and interest of customers, by all means, sell them anything you want.

    An outstanding blog generates customer’s interest

    An outstanding blog generates customer’s interestThink seriously over the word “Outstanding”. It’s not a page you update only when you crack a new sale or influence huge crowd in an exhibition; may when you launch a new product.

    Neither is it some personal memorandum or diary where you post your reflections on daily life, society, politics and anything in the universe.

    What I mean here is the kind of blog that is capable of grabbing attention of visitors because it delivers outstandingly valuable, beneficial or entertaining material.

    I would share few tips here that you can use while writing a blog…

    • Begin with some convincing headline.
    • Make sure your entire blog is about just ONE idea.
    • Instead of writing about “My Latest Creation”, try “Here’s how I developed it” and use descriptive pictures and videos.
    • Give details of “This is what inspired me to do so”; if you felt so, you audience might also feel like.
    • Show your tools and educate your audience; use “Here is my best software/gadget that can help you too.”
    • Encourage them to create and tell them your process, such as “Learn here how you can make one like mine
    • Give concrete examples and end with a question to receive more comments.

    Remember, repeated audience is the best audience. So, your goal should be to build an audience of loyal visitors. Do not hesitate to ask people to subscribe to your blog and offer email options to make it simple.

    Sharing a little for free can attract the crowd

    Sharing for freeNo, no, no! I am not asking you to give away all your best work and simply forget about payments. All I want you to let people recognize your work. Obviously, if no one has ever heard of you, they won’t even bother to know your product.

    You can take the advantage of digital content circulation by sharing some valuable work and encourage others to share it with their contacts. Some of the biggest online marketers started their business by sharing…The first chapter of a book

    • A free report or e-book that is full of useful information
    • A website design template and high resolution images
    • A series of tutorials for training
    • Videos and Audio tracks that you can embed in your own site

    Although, it is advised to use a Creative Commons License so you can make it clear what other people are allowed to do with your work. Also, make sure you give something which is genuine and valuable.

    If you feel painful while giving away something so good; trust me, you’re on the right track. But it never means that you give away everything. Keep plenty of your products, artworks and services in reserve for customers who want to take things to a further stage and buy from you.

    The Bottom Line

    What we discussed above doesn’t give you a quick method to success however; if you invest time and efforts smartly and with persistence; you will definitely see the benefits cumulating.

    Soon your blog will start attracting links and subscribers; on the other hand, your free content will get into circulation and eventually, you will become a shining star in your niche.

    You’ll see your website influencing more visitors with every passing hour. True, visitors are not necessarily customers but like we all have heard since childhood; it’s all about numbers; the more people get attracted; the better sales happen.


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