Tata CLiQ Affiliate Program Review

TATA CLiQ Affiliate ProgramOver the last few years, India has witnessed a revolution in e-commerce. In the past, e-commerce portals in the country were rare. But thanks to the ever-increasing reach of mobile devices and high-speed internet connectivity, e-commerce portals are being established left, right and centre.

One of the biggest names to join the e-commerce revolution in recent years is the Tata Group. With Tata CLiQ, the global powerhouse aims to offer the best of apparel, electronics, and footwear to the Indian audience. Apart from providing customers a great platform to purchase top quality products, Tata CLiQ also offers one of the best affiliate programs in India.

The best affiliate programs are known for their benefits to both affiliates and merchants, and here are the reasons why you should choose the Tata CLiQ affiliate program:

  • Performance Incentives: Tata CLiQ provides performance incentives to people who sign up for its affiliate programs. No matter what you post regarding products available on Tata CLiQ, the ultimate goal is to sell as many Tata CLiQ products as possible. If you are successful in the sale of a lot of goods, Tata CLiQ will reward you handsomely for your effort in making the Tata CLiQ brand more popular.
  • Free Sign Up Tata CLiQ does not charge a single penny when you sign up for its affiliate program. This frees up your finances, which you can use to further improve your site to market Tata CLiQ products in a better manner.
  • Commissions by Industry Standards: For every Tata CLiQ product that you manage to sell through your blog or website, Tata CLiQ offers you commissions. These commissions are vital for the long-term sustenance of your own blog or website, and Tata CLiQ understands that. That’s why the commissions paid out by Tata CLiQ are completely according to industry standards, and they make for the perfect reward for your efforts at marketing Tata CLiQ products.
  • Collaboration with the Tata Group: The Tata Group is one of the world’s biggest conglomerates. From the manufacture of salt to that of steel, automobiles, jewellery and much more, the Tata Group earns more than a whopping $107 billion annually. For affiliates, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows them to collaborate with one of the biggest brands on the face of this planet.
  • The Affiliate Gets the Credit: Along with the positives that any collaboration with a renowned worldwide brand provides, members are also given credit by Tata CLiQ if they manage to market the products well through blogs and other techniques. This is a huge boost for the affiliates, as it significantly increases their online status, which earns them more respect in the process.
  • Tracking Statistics: The affiliate program allows affiliates to track sales and other relevant statistics. All the statistics provided under the affiliate program are completely transparent, which fosters greater trust between affiliate and merchant.

Tata CLiQ’s affiliate program provides incredible benefits, not just for the Tata CLiQ brand name, but also for its affiliates, who are also treated to exclusive deals and discounts on Tata CLiQ products. If you haven’t given the Tata CLiQ affiliate program any thought, it’s about time you did!