ShopClues Affiliate Program Review

ShopClues Affiliate ProgramOut of the numerous e-commerce portals launched in India in recent years, ShopClues has been one of the most successful. The company came to life in 2011, and in the years that followed, it amassed over 42 million visitors. The online marketplace sells a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to men’s and women’s fashion to sports goods.

ShopClues has garnered a lot of praise not just for its products, but also for its affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing programs of ShopClues are based on referrals on other websites and blogs, and affiliates can earn not just money, but also sites reputation thanks to these programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the ShopClues affiliate program, which happens to be among the best affiliate programs in India:

ShopClues Affiliate Program DetailsNo Joining Fees

Prospective affiliates can join ShopClues without having to spend any money at all. Simply sign up on the ShopClues website and you are free to promote products, offers, deals and discounts that are available on ShopClues. However, you need a proper internet site, as ShopClues does not entertain prospects without well-established websites.

Fixed Commission Structures

Affiliates are responsible for the promotion of ShopClues products and offers. Every time a visitor is redirected to the ShopClues website through an affiliate’s page and becomes a customer, the affiliate earns a commission. ShopClues maintains a fixed commission structure for every product category, and the rates are strictly by all the relevant standards in the e-commerce industry.

ShopClues Affiliate Program CommissionMobile Promotions

There is no compulsion that affiliates have to promote ShopClues products and offers only on full-version websites. The ShopClues affiliate program supports mobile platforms as well, and hence, it makes things easier for Members who also have the option of mobile promotions.

Conversion Tracking

Affiliates can check whether their referrals lead to conversions or not through the affiliate account, which prospective members have to create when they join the ShopClues affiliate program. Affiliates can also view a detailed statistical analysis of each conversion, which is an excellent way to identify necessary changes to the affiliate marketing approach.

Lots of Options

ShopClues welcomes a wide variety of websites to apply for its affiliate program. There are numerous options to choose from, which is ideal for websites that are not very run-of-the-mill. ShopClues also offers a variety of ways affiliates can link up their sites with the links of products and offers available on the ShopClues website.

Easy to Share

Under the ShopClues affiliate program, the links to various products, deals, and discount offers on ShopClues are incredibly easy to share, which makes the affiliate program one of the very best in India.

Monthly Validation Reports

At the end of each month, ShopClues would send affiliates the validation reports that note all the details of links that led to successful conversions, and ones that did not. These validation reports make it quite easy for affiliates to prepare their invoices.

 As far as this particular ShopClues affiliate program review is concerned, it can be said that the ShopClues program is well and truly one of the very best in India. Its benefits extend not only to ShopClues but the affiliates as well.