Jabong Affiliate Program Review

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Jabong Affiliate Program ReviewOfficially known as Jabong Partner Program, it offers up to 10% commission per sale. Top sellers are paid extra. Exclusive voucher codes, custom-made advertising media and timely support from Jabong affiliate team are also available.

Jabong.com, one of the top online shopping websites in India, offers a lucrative affiliate program.

You get up to 10% commission by promoting anything that Jabong sells.

Jabong affiliate program is free and easy to join. Plus, you get personalized support whenever required.

If your website meets the eligibility criteria set by Jabong, you will start earning plenty of money in affiliate commissions in no time.

Read our review to learn more about the affiliate program offered by Jabong.com.

How to Earn with Jabong

Earning with Jabong Partner Program is simple.

  • You display Jabong ads on your website
  • A visitor clicks an ad on you website
  • He or she makes a purchase at Jabong.com
  • You receive the commission

Commission Structure

Jabong offers a flat commission of up to 10% for every sale in all categories.       

However if you become a top seller, special commission rates apply to your sales. You are automatically notified about this privilege by the affiliate team at Jabong.

Cookie Lifetime

An affiliate cookie by Jabong lasts for 30 days.

When someone clicks an ad placed on your website to visit Jabong.com, a cookie is stored on his or her computer. If he or she makes the purchase within 30 days, you get your commission.

How Payments take Place

Jabong takes up to 60 days to make payments after a month ends.

Sales that occur in the current month are calculated by the sixth working day of the next month. A report is prepared which is called partial validation report (with cancelled, returned orders removed) and is sent to an affiliate for their reference.

A final validation report (with cancelled, returned orders removed) is prepared within 45 days after the current month ends. Payments are made on the basis of this report.

In a nutshell, payments for the sales made in the month of January will reach you in the last week or March or first week of April.

Details of Advertising Resources Provided

Jabong provides a decent collection of advertising resources to an affiliate.

  • Banners
  • Text links
  • Custom-made banners and text links

Eligibility Criteria

To become a Jabong affiliate, you must have a website that matches the following criteria.

  • It’s a relevant website, related to online shopping
  • It receives a minimum traffic of 50,000
  • It does not contain illegal, illicit content

How to Join Jabong Affiliate Program

Sign up at https://affiliate.jabong.com/.

If your website meets Jabong’s eligibility criteria, you are notified by the affiliate team.

Types of Websites Ideal for Jabong Affiliate Program

The following types of websites are perfect to become an affiliate with Jabong.

  • Product Reviews
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Home Furnishing
  • Sports and Fitness

Final Thoughts

Jabong is a well-known online shopping brand in India and it offers a pretty decent affiliate program. The commission structure at up to 10% is not bad at all. Besides, top sellers receive exclusive payments. Plenty of free resources and personalized help are available to all affiliates. If it’s an ideal match for you, go for it.