Indeed Affiliate Program Review

Here comes an excellent opportunity from Indeed to earn money. Just add some job search tools to your blog or website and let your visitors visit and generate revenue for Indeed. The more revenue they produce, the higher you get paid.

Indeed Affiliate Program ReviewIndeed, a leading job search portal in the world, brings out a simplified yet profitable affiliate program called Indeed Publisher Program.

With this program, affiliates can earn a lot of money in commissions by sending traffic to Indeed and generating revenue for it.

Dip into this detailed review of Indeed affiliate program and discover what makes it an ideal program for you.

How You Can Earn Commission

Indeed publisher program follows a simple model. You can earn commission through jobseeker and employer referrals.

  • Through jobseeker referrals
    You send jobseekers to Indeed, and when they click sponsored jobs, you earn commission.
  • Through employer referrals
    You send employers to Indeed, and when they become advertisers with Indeed, you earn commission.

How Much You Can Earn

Indeed bills advertisers on the basis of a pay-per-click model which leads to some ads generating higher revenues than the rest.

The amount of money you earn with Indeed varies from ad to ad. But don’t worry about earning less. Indeed makes a lot of profit through its advertisers so you end up getting a decent amount of commission.

How and When You Get Paid

Publishers are normally paid through paper cheques. However, on special requests, Indeed also transfers money electronically.

You get paid in the month following each calendar quarter if your earnings reach the minimum commission threshold which is USD 100.

If your account balance does not cross USD 100, it will roll to subsequent quarters. Taxes as per your country of residence apply to your earnings.

Eligibility Criteria

To become an affiliate with Indeed, you need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must be living in one of the countries where Indeed offers its services
  • Your blog or website must not contain any kind of objectionable content including but not limited to sexually explicit, duplicate, copyrighted or depressing content
  • Your blog or website must not make false claims regarding job offers and salaries
  • Your blog or website should not present a negative image of Indeed or its associates

Indeed reserves the right to reject applications that it deems inappropriate for its publisher program.

How to Join Indeed Publisher Program

Indeed offers its affiliate program free of cost. You can submit the application form through the link displayed below.

Click here

Indeed reviews your application and notifies you if you get selected.

It’s Time to Make Money with Indeed!

Indeed offers an affiliate program that is very meaningful indeed! It is easy to understand and easy to implement. Plus, it offers amazing returns if you send quality traffic that helps Indeed earn profits.

If you own a website that aids people in job search, get in touch with Indeed. Install its job search tools on your website and start making money.

The best part is that you get quality content for your website, too when you become an Indeed affiliate. Thank you for reading!