HostGator India Affiliate Program Review

Simple and rewarding, HostGator India’s affiliate program lets you make up to INR 5,625 per referral. Your affiliate account is activated instantly, payments are not delayed and you get free access to a range of real-time statistics and reporting tools.

HostGator India Affiliate Program Review

HostGator India specializes in providing reliable web hosting services at competitive prices.

It offers a straightforward affiliate program that is rewarding as well as satisfying.

All you need to earn profits through this affiliate program is a website that receives a decent amount of traffic and the will to achieve more in your life.

Read our review to find the inside scoop about HostGator India’s affiliate program.

How HostGator India Affiliate Program Works

As an affiliate, your job is to promote HostGator services through your website.

You are provided with a range of banners and textual links that you can display on your website. When someone visits HostGator’s website through the ads placed on your website and pays for a service, you earn your affiliate commission.

Commission Structure

HostGator India’s commission structure depends a lot on your performance which means the more you perform, the better you earn.

You are paid per sale.

HostGator India Commission Structure

Cookie Lifetime

A cookie stored by HostGator India on your referral’s computer expires in 60 days.

Cookies are stored on a last-click basis which means if someone uses your link for signing up, your cookie replaces any existing affiliate cookie on his or her computer.

How Payments take Place

Affiliates are paid in the last week of each month once the post-sale 90 day holding period expires. In other words, for a sale made in January, you get paid in the last week of April.

The minimum commission required for withdrawal is INR 10,000.

HostGator pays you for new customers only. You get no commission if your referral had been an existing customer in the past.

Your referral must be active which means he or she builds a website pointed to a HostGator account and publishes some content on it.

You don’t receive a commission if your referral is you, a family member or someone within your organization.

A Word of Caution

Some affiliates have complained that they were not paid for their referrals in the past. For some unknown reasons, a large number of their referrals were deemed inactive, invalid or duplicate. Officials could not resolve this issue and instead showed the legal mumbo jumbo about how a sale was validated at their end.

We are not saying that there is something wrong with HostGator or their systems or the way they work. We just want you to be safe. If you have any doubts regarding any aspect of the affiliate program, get in touch with an official to sort things out well in advance.

Eligibility Criteria

To become a HostGator India affiliate, you need to fulfil the following requisites.

  • You build and maintain your website on your own
  • Your website should not contain objectionable content
  • You must not mislead your site visitors by making false claims
  • You should not present fake information about you or HostGator
  • You must not employ cheap traffic building tactics

How to Join HostGator India Affiliate Program

Visit to sign up as an affiliate.

Signing up does not take long and your account becomes active within minutes. However, if HostGator finds you or your website unfit for the affiliate program, your membership is cancelled automatically.

The Final Word

HostGator India offers a valuable affiliate program that is both simple and rewarding. If you think you can bridge the gap between people and HostGator through your website, you should become an affiliate and start earning commissions right away.