GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review

GoDaddy offers a 100% affiliate commission on nearly all products. Just place some banners and links from GoDaddy on your website and make money for every sale made through these ads.

GoDaddy Affiliate ProgramGoDaddy is here with a unique affiliate program letting you make impressive sums of money as an affiliate.

You can get as much as 100% commission on nearly all products by GoDaddy.

Just place banners and links from GoDaddy on your website and turn your visitors into GoDaddy customers to earn money.

GoDaddy’s affiliate program is so popular that it won Commission Junction “People’s Choice Award” in 2013.

We believe you would love to become a part of this amazing affiliate program from GoDaddy.

To know more, just read this detailed review of GoDaddy affiliate program.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

How It Works

GoDaddy follows the traditional affiliate marketing model.

Here are the different steps involved in making money as a GoDaddy affiliate.

  1. You become a GoDaddy affiliate through one of its partner affiliate networks (Commission Junction or TradeDoubler)
  2. You display some banners and links on your website
  3. Your visitors click these ads to reach GoDaddy and make purchases
  4. You automatically earn commission

GoDaddy offers its affiliate program free of cost so you have nothing to lose.

How Much You Can Earn

GoDaddy offers a 100% commission on almost all products and services.

There is no limit to the money that you can make as an affiliate with GoDaddy. The more sales you generate, the more you earn.

How You Get Paid

Once you earn more than the minimum required commission, you receive your earnings by direct deposit or cheque.

Your earnings are subject to tax deductions so make sure you provide the necessary details at the signup if you want to save tax.

GoDaddy offers its affiliate program through Commission Junction and TradeDoubler so you must check their terms and conditions to find out about any extra charges involved.

Eligibility Criteria

Your website must not mislead people, promote illegal activities or showcase objectionable material such as profanity, racism, hatred, etc.

Apart from that, your website must meet any requisites set by the affiliate network you join.

How to Join GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy offers its affiliate program through Commission Junction and TradeDoubler.

Please make sure that you read the terms of service and other agreements carefully before signing up.

It Pays to be a GoDaddy Affiliate!

GoDaddy offers an affiliate program that is way better than the rest in its class.

Living up to its name and reputation, GoDaddy, the world’s #1 domain name registrar, offers some of the best domain prices on the internet.

Apart from offering great deals on domain names, GoDaddy provides generous commission rates on hosting plans, email accounts, reseller plans and much more.

It’s no wonder that GoDaddy won Commission Junction “People’s Choice Award” in 2013.

Sign up now to see for yourself why GoDaddy is one of the best affiliate programs available out there.