Flipkart Affiliate Program Review

Flipkart.com Offers Best Earning in Online Shopping Domain

Flipkart.com Offers Best Earning in Online Shopping Domain

Flipkart.com is a new name for the Indian market in a short time with all its publicity. It has become a major player in the niche, and it is also becoming a primary source of income for the affiliates for all those who have websites or blog with different categories.

Indian market is not new to it now and is getting there in no time. Now there is a lot of online shopping which is happening now and then. Flipkart has spent a lot of money on branding which will help the affiliates when they will advertise the website on their web properties and newsletters.

Flipkart.com is not just any website that offers shopping online, but it has worked a lot on the user ability. The website is designed in such a way that it will provide maximum conversions. Online shopping is expected to grow exponentially in next one year, and now even people are buying a product from this website from their mobile phones.

Flipkart Affiliate ProgramFeatures of Flipkart affiliate program

Variety of products: If you are targeting one product and you are worried what to promote you don’t have to worry as Flipkart will offer you all from a watch to a camera or Mobile phone and the other countless products.

Known brands: When you are targeting online shoppers or even if you are talking about people who love to shop they will always have brand loyalty towards certain brands. If you are sending people to Flipkart, you will not be concerned as they have listed almost every top brand under the sun.

Get paid as per the category: Flipkart pays you on a different basis as per the selection of product for promotion. Here are some of the category mentioned on the website and your share of profits.

  • Books: 6%
  • Mobiles & Accessories: 1%
  • Cameras: 2%
  • Computers : 0.5%
  • Games & Consoles : 1%
  • Audio & MP3 Players : 1%
  • Personal & Health Care: 1%
  • Home & Kitchen: 1%
  • Software : 3%
  • TV & Video : 0.5%
  • Office Supplies: 4%
  • Digital: 10%
  • Fragrance: 4%
  • Watches: 8%
  • Leather & Travel Accessories: 8%
  • Health & Beauty : 4%
  • Toys: 4%
  • Babycare: 4%
  • Apparels: 8%
  • Sports & Fitness : 8%
  • Movies & TV Shows: 4%
  • Footwear: 8%

Promotional material: If you are looking for updated banners and other inventory you should be happy that you are at the right place as the website offers you updated banners as per the occasion. For example, if you are in festive season, you will get banners as per that to improve the conversion.

Who should promote Flipkart affiliate program?

We would strongly recommend you to promote Flipkart in your newsletter. There is no specification on the demographic as the website offers products for all needs and mailer can give you best results in no time.

If you have a shopping website or a blog where you have good traffic, you should promote this brand for sure.