DreamHost Affiliate Program Review

Dream Host Affiliate Program

DreamHost Affiliate Program: How do I have to do?

Get people to sign up for web hosting at DreamHost and you can earn up to $97 for each referral which means only one referral a month can help you earn good $1,164 in a year. It’s simple; no strings attached! And the best part is, you don’t even need to be a DreamHost customer to sign up for such a great program.

How much can I earn every month?

The most attractive factor while joining some Affiliate Program is the commission rate and that truly is one quality feature at DreamHost Affiliate Program than any other aspect. The basic payout offered to DreamHost Affiliates, is an awesome $97 for each hosting purchase.

Plus you get exclusive bonuses to add more to your account by:

  • Earning an extra $5 for each sub-referrals that your referrals bring in
  • Receiving $50 in addition to your regular commission for every 5 referrals in a month

And if you are influential enough to make 10 affiliate sales, you will be earning $1,000 in a few days; plus $5 for each hosting purchase made through sub-referrals.

What else do I get from DreamHost affiliate program?

Register as DreamHost Affiliate and you can get:

  • High Returns for Your Referrals and Nice Bonuses
  • A lot of ways to Promote, including Text Links, Banners and Promo Codes.
  • Payment Options through Cheque, PayPal or Hosting Credit

Nothing could be better if the registration is also absolutely FREE.

Is signing up difficult?

DreamHost Signing Up

Becoming a DreamHost Affiliate is not at all difficult. The simple signup process takes only a couple of minutes.

  1. Visit the official page of DreamHost Affiliates Program to have an overview.
  2. Provide your full name, email address and other required details.
  3. Create a password to sign up for Affiliate Program.

And, you’re done! Congratulation, you are now a DreamHost Affiliate; start referring customers and earn commission.

How are the payments made?

There are three preferred methods of payments in DreamHost Affiliate Program.

  1. Via Cheque (For Indian Affiliates, this is the only option)
  2. PayPal (Minimum Required Balance is $20, plus you pay 5% as transaction fee)
  3. Hosting Credit (Any Balance due on your DreamHost account can be fixed with commission amount)

DreamHost duly informs about your earnings to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as 1099 income. And you will be asked to pay all taxes applicable to such income earned through affiliate programs.

And finally,

A website cannot exist on the internet without a reliable web hosting service and there is no offence in recommending the best web host to your friends and colleagues.

Even if you are not using a specific web hosting service for yourself, you can still promote it via your affiliate marketing campaign; and DreamHost is truly an awesome web hosting service, you can depend upon.

Unlike other web-hosting companies; DreamHost offers an interesting Affiliate Program that is well known for its reliability, relatively high commission rates, and simple procedure.