DGM India Affiliate Program Review

DGM India Affiliate Program ReviewAttractive commissions, simplicity, reliability, timely payments…if you are looking for these features and more in an affiliate program, say hello to DGM India.

DGM India, India’s leading digital ad network, presents an uncomplicated affiliate program that lets you earn substantial amount of commission by promoting products and services from leading Indian brands.

Read our full review below to know about this amazing affiliate program from DGM India.

How it Works

DGM India offers a simple affiliate program. It’s a 3-step process.

  1. Join DGM India as a publisher
    Don’t be alarmed. DGM India calls its affiliates publishers. Joining is free and you can submit your application online.
  2. Choose a campaign
    Once you become a publisher with DGM India, you can log into your account and select the campaigns you want to partner with.
  3. Start earning money
    With some campaigns to work for, you become ready to promote advertiser’s products and services and start earning commission. You get a personal ID number that is included in your affiliate links.

Commission Structure

The amount of commission you can earn with DGM India varies from campaign to campaign.

Some advertisers offer you a certain percentage of a sale whereas some award you a fixed fee for a successful conversion.

Bonuses and incentives are also available to those who perform well and exceed expectations.

Cookie Lifetime

DGM India follows the standard cookie lifetime of 30 days although it may expire sooner depending upon the duration of a campaign.

Normally, once a user clicks your banner to reach an advertiser’s landing page, a cookie is stored on his or her device which remains there for approx. 30 days and if the user completes the transaction within 30 days, you get the associated commission provided that your cookie is not replaced by another affiliate’s cookie on the user’s device.

How You Get Paid

You get paid by DGM India through direct deposit so make sure you provide correct bank details while signing up or else you will face difficulties receiving your commission.

Please note that commission earned is classified as income and if applicable TDS will be deducted from your earnings.

How to Join DGM India Affiliate Program

You can join DGM India’s affiliate program online. Joining is free and the signing up does not take long.

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Provide all the necessary details and read terms and conditions carefully before joining.

Before We Stop

DGM India offers an affiliate program that lets you earn handsome commissions by promoting products and services offered by India’s leading brands.

Joining is free and the fact that DGM India stays between you and an advertiser means that you are guaranteed to get the commissions earned. By the way, bonuses and other incentives are also available. So you can earn a great deal of money by becoming an affiliate with DGM India.

If you own a website that receives plenty of traffic regularly, you should join DGM India’s affiliate program. It’s time to turn your traffic into money.