BlueHost Affiliate Program Review

 BlueHost Affiliate ProgramLet’s learn more about the BlueHost Affiliate Program!

BlueHost Affiliate Program offers thousands of dollars as commissions for selling and promoting different products and services they offer. You can promote BlueHost on your website and drive customers to sign up to BlueHost; and you will receive $65.00 for each referral.

There is nothing better than offering a great service to the visitors of your web site and making a healthy sum for doing so. You just need to route the prospects to BlueHost, rest everything, they will take care of.

Your Unseen Rewards as BlueHost Affiliate:

Join BlueHost Affiliate and you will be enjoying:

  • Free Registration: Signing up takes only minutes and is entirely free.
  • Unlimited Earnings: There is no cap on the amount of commissions you receive.
  • Dedicated Team: Affiliate experts are here to offer free support and advice.
  • Proven success: Over $5 million paid out in commissions last year alone.
  • Proven Performance: Advertisements designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into sales
  • Reliable Tracking: A detailed insight into your efforts; including CTR, conversions and commission payments
  • Customizable Campaigns: Measure and improve efforts across different websites, social media and more.

BlueHost Affiliate Program Review

Your Earning Potential:

BlueHost is popular for its payout schemes. They have good brand recognition and offer extra benefits like free domain registration for new sign-ups. Currently. BlueHost has both an internal program and other through its reliable associates. Where the internal program starts at $65 per sale; at the same time you can earn up to $90 for each sale that is made through the associates.

Registering with BlueHost:

You can become a BlueHost Affiliate in three simple steps:

  1. Register for an Affiliate Account at BlueHost
  2. Select from a wide selection of tested creative and place them on your website
  3. Get Commission for every sale that is generated through your website.

For questions / inquiries regarding the program or Affiliate Support, you can call them directly or send an email at

The Laws of Taxation:

When you log into your BlueHost Affiliate Panel; you might be asked to fill out the tax form, a mandate to receive payment for referrals. The process of filling out the tax form may vary for one country to other. Generally, there are two types to select from:

  1. W-9 Form: For US Citizen or Business (Resident Alien, Corporation, etc.)
  2. W-8BEN Form: For non-U.S. Persons

Indian BlueHost Affiliate need to follow these steps:

  1. Select the W-8BEN form.
  2. Enter the EIN number. (any 9 number series you choose)
  3. Keep all the fields under the “Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits” blank.
  4. Write your complete name in the Signature Field and submit your tax form.

And finally,

People are more interested towards designing and building websites these days than they were around 10 years ago. So the market is there, all you need to do is, make sure that you can attract this market to buy through you. Hosting Affiliate Programs offer insane commissions for new sales and it’s your time to cash the opportunities.