Amazon (India) Affiliate Program Review

Amazon (India) Affiliate ProgramAn Honest Review of Amazon (India) Affiliate Program and All That It Has To Offer

The Amazon India Associates Program enables people in India to make money online from selling affiliate products. The program comes with all the tools and tutorials to facilitate the creation of a profitable affiliate business, for the people of India.

The program is easy to get started and it is free for all. All you need is a single approval, without having to wait for third parties to approve your membership application. This is one of the biggest online shops in India and you can benefit financially from joining the program

Becoming a member

The Amazon India Affiliate Program, as mentioned above, is very easy to join. Unlike other affiliate programs, you only need approval from the main website. You do not require further approval from the owners of the products that you choose to promote

Once you fill in the form, your approval status will be communicated to you within a short period. You will then get the appropriate links and codes, which you can place on your website. Any sales that come from these links and codes will be attributed to you, and you will get your commission.

The fact that the program is very easy to join gives existing and prospective web owners and bloggers the proper incentive to join. You can also post on Facebook and Twitter and still get the commission. The program is exciting, and you should join right away.

Amazon India Reporting and Linking tools

When you advertise products on Amazon India, you get access to great reporting tools which show you how much revenue is being generated from your advertisements. You also get to see how many people are buying the products that you are selling.

The beauty of the linking tools is that you can capture them directly from the Amazon page that you are viewing. If you want to promote a product that you have just seen, use the site stripe toolbar and get a direct link that you can place on your blog or website

You get to earn money from all qualifying purchases. This includes items that you did not advertise, but are linked to you. With the great currency conversion rates, you will make lots of money on the site.

Associates Promotions Hub

When you become an associate member of Amazon Affiliates India, you will get regular news for promotions and other highlights that you can pass onto your users. You will get emails that you can send to your users on a weekly basis, informing them of special launches and discounts.

This is great news for bloggers who want to sell Amazon products on their blogs. The promotions will not only increase traffic to your blog but also increase the sales of your products and services.

Amazon AssociatesThe amazing Amazon Associates India advertising program

When you participate as an Amazon India Affiliate, you stand the chance of earning money from advertising. Just like bloggers earn money from advertising, you also get fees from placing adverts on your blog that come from various products on the site.

You must read the Operating Agreement since it governs just how much you get in fees from various products. Some other products are excluded from the schedule. The schedule can be changed from time to time, so you should be reading it on a regular basis.

How the advertising program works

You earn advertising fees for the qualifying purchases that have come from your site. The fees are based on the Qualifying Revenues generated and are determined by the Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products.

The term “Qualifying Purchases” refers to the monies paid by customers for products, excluding bad debt, returns, taxes, shipping, gift-wrapping, handling, credit card processing fees, rebates and other service charges.

Go through the standard advertising fee schedule on the site and see what you stand to offer based on the products you promote and sell. The fees vary according to the products downloaded, streamed or shipped within a calendar month and are classified as Qualifying Purchases.

Special Offers and Promotions

You may also earn extra cash from the Special Offers and Promotion put on the site. You will get notified of such promotions so you can bring them on your site as incentives for your customers. The advertising fee rates will be changed according to, but not limited to

  • The categories of products or individual products should not be those excluded from earning advertising fees
  • Increasing or reducing the advertising fees for certain categories of products or individual products.

However, there are times when Amazon Affiliate India allows you to earn money from limited time or special promotions and offers on products that were excluded from earning advertising fees in the past. You may also get an increase in advertising fee rate from the same products mentioned above.

Keep updated on the notifications that you get from Amazon India Associates program, to get information on these special offers. Read blog posts on the website to see if any offers have been advertised there.

In conclusion

The Amazon Affiliate Program in India is a welcome way of letting bloggers and webmasters in India earn some money from promoting and selling Amazon India Products. Many people have responded to the program because it is easy to join and monitor.

The Amazon India Associates program is for all; the approval application is fast and straightforward. You simply add your details in the application form, and once you meet the required standards you will be allowed to start promoting products on your site

The advertising fee program is perhaps the most attractive, especially for those who cannot get approval from other programs such as Google Adsense. This is a quick way for newbie bloggers to start earning some money so join up right away.