Affiliate Marketing or AdSense: Which is Better

    AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are two simple yet effective methods of earning money online. Both have pros and cons, and both can provide handsome returns, so it really depends on your personal choice.

    Note: We shared this above post in 2014 to give a solution to new bloggers that which platform is best for them to make money online, But now we have entered in 2017 and Google, and Affiliate marketing tactics slightly changed now.

    So we are back with another guide on Google Adsense vs. Affiliate Marketing, so we suggest all users who landed on this post, please follow our new guide to update yourself with new tactics of Google and Affiliate Marketing.

    Which is better, AdSense or Affiliate Marketing?

    This question haunts all those who are new to online marketing or have a blog or website that they want to use to make money.

    The answer is to that question is: both methods are great. There we said it.

    Both have certain qualities and drawbacks and both are pretty effective at providing you regular income.

    Find out more about these simple and profitable methods of making money online and choose the one that is a perfect match for you.

    Let’s Begin with AdSense

    Google AdSense is a simple and effective method of making money by displaying Google’s ads on your website or blog.

    You lease out ad spaces on your website or blog to Google and Google displays ads from its advertisers in these spaces.

    AdSense follows a PPC model that awards you some incentive known as revenue share every time a visitor clicks the ads displayed on your website or blog and lands on the advertiser’s website. Sometimes you get paid for only displaying the ads but most of the times you get paid when a visitor clicks on the ads on your website.

    Pros and Cons of AdSense


    • It’s free and easy to set up and manage. Just register for AdSense, place some ads and start earning money.
    • Detailed reports that help you analyse and track your performance.
    • It’s a great source of passive income. Just display ads on your site and your job is done.
    • If you update your site’s content, the ads are updated automatically.
    • A great way to earn money if you can’t find affiliate products or services related to your site’s topic.
    • AdSense pays you monthly and processes payments faster than many other ad networks.


    • You don’t earn much with AdSense unless you perform SEO on your site. Effective SEO increases your site’s traffic which in turns increases the chances that your ads will get clicked.
    • Google reserves the right to change its AdSense policy anytime. When changed, it may affect your earnings.
    • Google is very particular about AdSense. If you fail to comply with the program’s terms and conditions, your site will be blacklisted and your earnings will vanish.
    • You never know exactly how much you are making with an ad because Google only shows accumulated earnings.
    • An ad may not blend well with the look and feel of your site and reduce overall site aesthetics.

    Now Let’s See What Affiliate Marketing Is

    Affiliate Marketing follows a different model where you get paid for promoting someone else’s products or services.

    You start off by becoming an affiliate with a website and promote its products or services through your website by displaying appropriate ads.

    When someone clicks an affiliate ad on your website and completes the requisite action which is usually making a purchase or subscribing to a service, you get paid.

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing


    • As an affiliate you promote products related to your niche on your website or blog. Since you know a lot of about your niche, you can promote stuff effectively.
    • You can take up Affiliate Marketing as a long term business because it provides lasting, passive income.
    • Being an affiliate does not require heavy investments.
    • The commission you earn per sale is usually significantly more than what you earn through an AdSense click.
    • As an affiliate you always have a clear idea of how much you are going to earn per sale. You can plan your incomes more effectively.
    • You can educate people by creating pages showing the benefits of buying a certain product or service. This provides you more control as you can boost your chances of sale by making an offer.
    • When you become an affiliate with a popular brand, your site’s reputation automatically increases.


    • Affiliate Marketing requires time and effort. You need to dedicate time to improve your site’s ranking and reputation through SEO and other means.
    • You have to proactively select and promote products that are less likely to be returned by customers because you do not get paid for returned or cancelled sales.
    • Almost every affiliate program comes with certain eligibility requirements including minimum site traffic and certain other factors.
    • Some affiliate programs are paid, especially the ones that are released through third parties.
    • Merchants may reduce commission rates without prior notice.

    Choosing between AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

    Choosing between AdSense and Affiliate Marketing is entirely your call. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, and both are perfect at generating passive income.

    If used carefully and strategically, both methods provide effective returns.

    Choose AdSense if you already have a source of regular income. AdSense is not a great option to quit your day job for unless your site contains thousands of pages holding good search engine rankings. Better rankings ensure you get regular visitors and with regular visitors around you have better chances that your ads will be clicked.

    Pick Affiliate Marketing if you are looking for a lasting source of passive income. Affiliate Marketing is very effective at getting you lucrative returns. It gives you better control over how much you can make by promoting stuff that complements your niche. But it requires time, patience and effective strategies to boost your site’s rankings and reputation for overall success as an affiliate.

    Using AdSense and Affiliate Marketing Together

    It is possible to use AdSense ads and affiliate ads on the same page. However, that is certainly not recommended.

    Google allows you to show AdSense ads and affiliate ads together but you should not practise it because doing so will clutter your webpage with ads. When you welcome your visitors with a page full of ads, they will definitely get frustrated and leave your website within nanoseconds.

    The bottom line is even though you can combine AdSense and Affiliate Marketing, it should be avoided if you are serious about making money in the long run.

    What’s Your Choice, AdSense or Affiliate Marketing?

    Well, that is the end of it. It’s your turn now. If you have a blog or website that you want to make money with, use AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. Both are excellent sources of earning passive income. Pick any method today and start making money online. Good luck!


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    1. Both money making programs are good and able to generate big online income without any limit. but I prefer google adsense because it needs less affords in comparison to affiliate marketing. Any new blogger can earn decent income from adsense if he or she is aware about micro niche blogging. On other side affiliate marketing needs lots of experience and hard work to generate online money.

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