Everything You Need to Start a Blog Successfully

    Starting a successful blog requires careful planning and execution. With the right set of resources and a positive attitude, you can become a successful blogger in no time. Read on to find out what it takes to start a new blog that provides regular profits.

    Thinking about starting a new blog? Well, just go for it!

    Starting a blog is easy. All you need to begin is a meaningful domain name, a place to host your blog, a great design, plenty of content and a positive, bring-it-on attitude.

    Let’s begin.

    Things You Need to Start a Blog

    Here are the things you need to start a blog successfully.

    A Niche Topic for Your Blog

    Your blog’s niche topic is basically what your blog is all about.

    In order to build a profitable blog, choose a niche that you are passionate about because you will be writing and promoting your topic regularly for the next several months.

    Here are some examples of niches.

    • Sports
    • Politics
    • Science and Technology
    • Automobiles
    • Fashion
    • Cooking
    • Spirituality
    • Health and Fitness

    You can also research other profitable niches online and choose one that suits your personality. If you have a special field of expertise, for example, if you are a trainer, doctor, music teacher, etc. you can dedicate your blog about it. The possibilities are endless.

    A Blog Name

    Naming your blog is very important as it gives the readers an idea of what’s in your blog for them. Besides, you can’t buy a domain name unless you find a suitable name for your blog.

    Aim for a short and memorable name that is easy to spell and that has not been already taken by someone.

    You can also use keywords that describe your business in your domain name. Many successful brands have done it before such as and

    Do not include hyphens or numbers in your domain name unless they are part of your brand name, for example, Coca-Cola or 7-Eleven.

    A Blogging Platform

    You need a blogging platform to start your blog.

    While there are many free blogging platforms available out there, you should consider a paid blog over a free blog.

    When you host your blog on your own servers, you get total control over your blog. You own your data, you can make changes to its design and functionality, you can display affiliate ads without caring a damn about anything and much more.

    Plus, you can have a custom domain name like instead of an ugly domain name such as or or

    A self-hosted blog adds to your duties such as ensuring security, taking backups and performing updates, but it’s surely better than a blog hosted on a free blogging platform because of the benefits it provides.

    A Stunning Look and Feel

    What you write on your blog is important. But what’s even more important is how your blog looks and feels.

    Your blog should be a fine combination of awesome content, beautiful design and easy navigation.

    If your blog contains awesome content but lacks a beautiful design and is not easy to use, it fails to grab your reader’s attention. They may not return to your blog or share it with their family and friends.

    Here is a quick exercise to show you the importance of a good blog design.

    Think of a poorly-designed blog that you have ever visited. How was your overall experience with that blog?

    Now think of a well-designed blog that exceeded your expectations. How did you feel while you were there?

    A great blog design helps you establish a lasting relationship with your readers.

    A Lot of Content

    Content is king. This phrase has been used millions of times in the blogosphere. Yet, people pay least attention to their blog’s or website’s content.

    Content is the backbone of your blog. Without suitable content, you cannot attract readers.  Also all those beautiful pictures, animations and other fancy stuff on your blog fail to deliver your message clearly without well-written content.

    You must write content that is genuine. It must not contain grammatical mistakes and typos. And above all, it should not be boring.

    You also need to include keywords related to your niche in your writing. It improves your blog’s ranking in search engines and drives traffic to your blog.

    To build a successful blog, you will need a lot of content regularly. You can of course research content related to your niche on the Internet, but do not copy other people’s content. Doing so is considered a copyright violation and can seriously injure your reputation.

    If you think you can’t write content, we suggest that you hire a professional writer. You can also outsource your work to freelance writers. Do not forget to tell them your target audience, ideal writing voice and tone and of course the targeted keywords while outsourcing a writing assignment.

    A Writing Voice and Tone

    Your writing should reflect your voice and tone consistently.

    Doing so serves two purposes; one, you stop being boring, and two, you successfully establish a relationship with your readers.

    Write like you talk. Think about your reader and then pretend you are talking to them while writing. This helps you come up with impressive blog posts regularly.

    By including your voice and tone in your writing, you quickly catch your reader’s attention. When you do it consistently across your blog or website, your writing starts to reflect your personality and people start loving every piece of content produced by you.

    To harness the power of your voice in your writing, focus on your target audience. When you speak your reader’s language, you can’t fail. If, for example, you are writing bedtime stories for kids, it won’t make sense to include words that only a Harvard graduate would understand. Or use a dull and boring language when talking about a boxer who’s about to win by knockout.

    Use appropriate voice and tone consistently in your writing to become a successful blogger.

    A Go-Getter Personality

    You cannot become a successful blogger overnight. It takes time and effort along with careful planning and execution.

    Do not fear the obstacles in your path. And do not get discouraged by setbacks. Keep going with a positive attitude. Seek help whenever required and keep upgrading your skills to steer ahead of the competition.

    Over to You

    Building a successful blog takes time but with the right resources and the right attitude, you can taste success in no time. Thanks for stopping by. Now create your first blog and share your success story with us.

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