5 Reasons Why One Must Not Work In A Startup?

Why One Must Not Work In A Startup?

Nowadays, people are very familiar about startup jobs. These jobs are getting really popular and there is no wonder that startup jobs are the hot topics in the search list, on the internet. Yes, more searches on startup jobs are been browsed all around the world creating curiosity to get our self in.

But the fact is that, these jobs are waste of time and effort. You might have heard many stories of people, who have joined in a startup and reached higher positions in career. But, this is not possible for everybody who tries to follow some shortcuts or some formulas for success. In other rare cases, people think that they need to be completely original if they want to be successful in their field.

However, success is only possible when both hard work and luck are put together. An interesting article onĀ https://www.entrepreneur.com/, tells the cons behind the fact that why one, must not work in a startup.

Below are few other key aspects of the topic, which is to remembered while joining a startup.

Cons behind not to work in a startup

#1 – You will not get your payment properly

Some startup employees, who work under contract or trial period understanding, may not be paid with proper wages that they need to get. Moreover, they may have signed an agreement for minimum wages and where they may be working for more. These are the circumstance where your hard work is literally taken as sacrifice.

Eventually, the employers will make use of this opportunity to render all the work the startups provide and leave them un-paid or low paid. Sometimes they may also feel isolating you without providing your salary appraisals and freebies.

#2 – There is no chance of getting into an executive team

If you begin your career as a startup there is only a minimum chance to get yourself into an executive team. Moreover, this is not possible. But, sometimes your officials and team heads may promise you to provide a position in the team until which you need to work as a startup in the company.

This is only to hold you up in the company, in order to render your work to the fullest, along with low pay wages. Hence, a chance of up-lift in your work and talent is not possible when you start your career as a startup.

#3 – Success is not guaranteed

If you are a fresher and beginning your career as a start then remember, the percentage of success is very low or even you may fail. This fact is also been reported in the Wall Street Journal, in 2012. According to the journal, three out of four startups fail every year. This is the report between the years conducted from 2004 to 2010.

#4 – The startup employee needs to work really hard

Yes, it is obvious that you need to work really hard in startup firm to prove yourself. On other words you need to work like a maniac for more hours under little wages. Moreover, the startups are competing with the clock in order to establish a market before the money and time runs out.

Ultimately this pressure will provide the person stress which gradually chances to anger and depression affecting themselves and their family the most. Many, researches around the world have reported that this pressure keeps increasing the heart rate and blood pressure of the person, creating other sort of serious health issues.

#5 – Responsibilities may be lengthy and stressful

On the top of work stress, extended work hours and minimum pay, you need to render your work and effort completely. They may insist you to do multiple jobs without providing you any time to rest or spare little time with your family. Hence the responsibilities provided may be an exciting task but the other face of the task is little disappointing.

Hope, the above mentioned pointers have explained you the cons behind the fact why one must not work in a startup.

So keep in mind these pointers and select an appropriate job where you enjoy working in it.



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